Workable mobile video to blog service?

I have been trying to find the best and most efficient way to get my mobile videos off my borrowed N90 and on to my Typepad blog. It’s actually quite an arse. There’s a few services that will take the video file from the phone and put it on their service –> but then they won’t actually forward it in a beautiful Youtube-style flash player to my blog.

I’m 100% uninterested in putting my videos on to some filestore on the web THEN logging in and messing around to insert it into my blog.

I want it on my Typepad blog. I can’t see any service that does this automatically. worked perfectly fine at the weekend (apart from the fact my uploading-from-the-countryside seemed to corrupt one fo the uploads). However I want it on my own blog. I want to be able to send the video, from the phone, to Moblog and then directly to this blog here, for example. I wonder if they’d consider making a forward-to-Typepad facility available for their premium members?

I found and used successfully this afternoon. They’ve got a quote on every single page saying this:


It took the VIBE guy 15 minutes? 15 minutes to setup and get his vlog working? He/She must have been typing on their keyboard using a piece of straw to press the keys. It took me less than 9 seconds to setup the account and then a further minute to record and send a video from the N90. 20 seconds later it was wrapped to my blip account. So read that and weep, VIBE 😉 Check out the resulting video on Blip here (opens a new window .. and, er, don’t expect miracles, it’s a stupid test video that I took). But Blip won’t (it seems) automatically whack the post on to my Typepad. Arse.

I’m having problems with ShoZu as well. I took a look at it again as per Carlo’s suggestion yesterday. I spent 30 mins memorising the ShoZu FAQs trying to get the N90 to upload a video and ‘do something’ with it. I say ‘do something’ because I don’t quite know what happens once ShoZu has it. I imagine the video will be wrapped to my Typepad…? Probably. I imagine it’ll be shown off in some sort of player? Dunno. I need to spend more time figuring it out.

So in the meantime, I’ve been taking video and sending it to people by email. Bit limited, eh?

I walked by Big Ben this afternoon, took a quick pan of the place on the N90 and sent it off to Keith in Canada. Brilliant! Likewise I whacked Hetty (our Managing Director) a video of the wedding at the weekend. It was 5mb and took a few minutes to send from the handset — but I’m on the Web N’ Walk T-mobile ‘unlimited data’ price plan, so bring it on. She was delighted to receive the video.

So that bit is fine. That’s all good. Emailing works.

I need a mobile-to-web-immediately-to-blog service now.

I’ll take a look at the Nokia Lifeblog too as Dan suggested earlier.

And Youtube Mobile. Don’t get me started. What a pile of tripe that’s been. Gahh it promised so much. But it just doesn’t seem to work for Europeans. Or me. I followed the instructions perfectly and got this every time I sent in a video:


Almost helpful!

Anyway, if you come across any mobile-video-to-Typepad (in a nice Youtube style flash player), do post a comment or send me a mail. Ease my suffering.

You know I’m looking for something exactly like Gabcast for mobile video. You simply dial Gabcast, chat away, it records you.. then when you hang-up, it creates an entry ON your blog complete with an integrated flash player so everyone can immediately list. Absolutely brilliant. I use this regularly…. ooh idea.. I need someone to create a video recording service like Gabcast! That might be a solution for me. You make a live video call, they record, then stick it on the blog? That would be rather cool. Someone, somewhere must offer this, surely?

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Hi there Ewan,
Sorry to hear you were having problems getting ShoZu to work. We do actually have Typepad integration, if you’d like to follow a few steps it should be working in a couple of minutes:

# log in to your account at
# click Photo Sharing tab
# click Other Destinations
# choose Typepad from Available Destinations and click ‘Add to my list’
# enter your Typepad details on the next page and click OK

Now on your N90 open ShoZu and click Menu > Settings > Connect to ShoZu to refresh the changes to your handset. You should now have Typepad in the ‘Send to other’ list on your phone. You can change the titles of images/videos and add descriptions from your phone as well.

Hope this helps!

ShoZu Support

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