Helio Offers Up Unlimited Everything For $99

Helio, one of the few MVNOs that seem to be successful, has dropped the price of its all-you-can-eat mobile service plan. For $99/month, subscribers get unlimited voice, data, and messaging on Helio’s high-speed EV-DO network (it’s really Sprint’s, but whatever). The plan used to cost $145, so it’s a pretty big savings, and it’s for a limited time.

Helio’s target market is the young professionals and tech-savvy who want to always be connected. I’ve been reviewing the Helio Mysto, a recently announced slim slider manufactured by Samsung, and I have to say it’s easily the most connected and multimedia-rich non-smartphone I’ve ever played with. Helio’s service, at $99/month, is really a killer deal.

If you’re wanting to get as much of the mobile web goodness as you can, but aren’t into smartphones for whatever reason, you may want to give Helio a better look.

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