Ewan sans E90

Ewan sans E90
Whatleydude captured my lack of E90 real time as I explained that ‘one minute it was there and I was typing away and then it was gone’…

  • http://www.sevendotzero.com Jonathan Jensen

    First Whatleydude’s N95 disaster, now you losing your E90. Which SMS Text News author will be next? Perhaps a regular column on correspondents’ mobile disasters …!

  • http://www.smstextnews.com/category/ben_smith Ben Smith

    I thought I had lost my iPhone headphones earlier, but they were just in my pocket. Best I can do I’m afraid.

    High drama! Watch this space for breaking news :-)

    Actually, I’m just off to buy some phone insurance (!)

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  • http://www.smstextnews.com Krystal

    Jonathan, shhhhhh!

    *staples her N95 to the inside of her handbag*

    Krystal’s last blog post..Get Pandora on your Sprint or AT&T handset

  • njar

    You look like you’re waiting for a manicure! You big metro you.

  • http://www.shockradio.co.uk Ricky C

    Jonathan if anything happens to mine phone I will hold you responsible! :)

  • http://www.sevendotzero.com Jonathan Jensen

    It’s the curse of SMS Text News!

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