The iOS 12 Days of Christmas

Did you download the 12 Days of Christmas app? There’s been some fairly decent offerings so far. I downloaded the Coldplay mini album and was impressed that this came with video too. This morning sees the first free ebook that I’ve seen feature in this post-Christmas special offer series. If you haven’t checked out any Apple electronic books then perhaps this might be the time to do so. Download the 12 Days of Christmas app in the store and pick it up. It’s nice to be offered ‘free stuff’ — although some of the items featured definitely aren’t necessarily what I’d call ‘premium’ (for example the Coldplay offer was a live recording of their iTunes Festival performance — one would expect that this would have been rather cheap or free for Apple). Now and again they seem to chuck a few interesting ones in — I picked up the TopGear trip across Israel/Bethlehem/Iraq. I wonder what — if any — movies they will include? I also wonder just how popular the series is? It’s a super time of year to do it and I also reckon its a fabulous way of introducing users to Apple’s electronic store.


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By Ewan

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Happy to know you get the 12 days of Christmas App to work, both my wife & I downloaded the app, and EVERY day the reminder arrives, so we tap away to get the offer but EVERY time we both get “unable to complete your request”. Whether this has something to do with not being on the US or UK App store (we are on Belgian and Swiss stores) I don’t know, every other app, book, song updates, downloads etc no issue. We even had the book in your picture priced at 6.59€  instead of being free, so for us the 
12 days of Christmas App is #fail

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