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Smart Kitchen

IoT & Wearables – Smart Kitchen

We have already covered various areas of the IoT & wearables industries in this content series, and now we will be focusing on various parts of the home. The smart kitchen is one of the most exciting parts of the industry and is where a lot of the initial focus of IoT had been placed. […]

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neo-Nazis tech world

Tech world divided over approach of handling neo-Nazis

The recent violence in Charlottesville brought something to mainstream media that many people seemed to have forgotten: white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups are both alive and well, bolstering their ranks and potential influence as political unrest continues. Another thing that it brought to light once more was that tech firms are quick to appear united […]

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Pocket vs Instapaper

Pocket vs Instapaper

When I first started using the Internet, I remember everyone creating dozens of bookmarks of their favorite sites, then nothing more than Flash-riddled abominations. Now, bookmarks have surely evolved, but I still refuse to use them for fear of violent flashbacks. Even so, I have recently found myself overwhelmed with the number of articles and […]

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Android Rooting

Getting Started with Android Rooting

One of the greatest things about Android is that customizing and personalizing any phone is quite a simple task, at least for those who are willing to put in some time and effort. To get the most out of a phone, however, you may have considered going through with rooting. If you have ever wondered […]

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History of Bluetooth

The History of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of those things that we use almost daily without much regard over the way it was developed, precisely like Wi-Fi (which we will cover in a later entry of this series). Today, however, we will take a brief look into the history of Bluetooth as well as how it works and why […]

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YouTube Red

YouTube Red and Google Play Music to merge into one

If there is one thing that Google is infamous for, it’s the company’s insistence of having two or more apps that do the same thing. In the communications-messaging market alone, Google has more than 6 apps, many of which (like Allo, Duo, and Messenger) do extremely similar things with a few differences here and there. […]

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Wearables in Driving

IoT & Wearables: Driving

It is no secret that the motor and automaker industries are always trying to integrate new technology features in their vehicles in order to attract more customers. When it comes to IoT & wearables in driving, the trend is relatively similar. Companies like Tesla are constantly pushing the envelope on what it means to operate […]

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Google Maps vs Waze

Google Maps vs Waze

Even though Google purchased Waze Mobile back in 2013, it continued to operate both map apps. Google vs Waze is something that many drivers have thought about but may have been hesitant to test out themselves. Today, we will go over some of the main features offered by those two apps and also point out […]

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