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Phone thief gets frisky by text

Link: Mumbai Mirror. Phone thief uses actor Nishit Verma’s cell to send SMSes to contact list Instead of trying to run up a bill or hawk the phone to the nearest fence, this phone thief decided to send out lewd messages to people on the phone’s addressbook!

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Texting spells freedom for deaf students

Link: Texting spells freedom for deaf students. "My mother also thought it was too dangerous for me to go to parties," says Streczek, now 17. "We had no way to contact each other in an emergency." Another wicked article about how text messaging is being used to great advantage by the deaf community.

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VoitStunt — quick review

Link: SMS Text News: HOT: Voipstunt?. Here’s a comment Alfie recently posted to my blog above. I’ve been using voipstunt all week now, the free calls remain free, but after a certain amount of time (like 10 minutes or so), you *have* to sign up with a credit card to carry on with the service. […]

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Hold that MDA Pro

I’m reading via Engadget about a new raft of HTC devices such as this one, the HTC Prophet, coming out.  Please, please, please don’t bring out an upgraded T-Mobile MDA Pro.  I’m only a few months into an 18 month contract. The moment i read about a new Windows Mobile upgrade I will immediately go […]

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Flickr, Moblogging, T-Mobile: HOLD THE PRESSES

Ok, so I did actually get my image uploaded via T-Mobile MMS when I sent it to Flickr. I found it just below the advert. I stand corrected.  All is forgiven, to an extent. My PICTURE did actually arrive…. … WITH the T-mobile "You have a picture message" image straight-after it. So Flickr naturally wrote […]

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SMS interaction and radio stations

Link: Finding Community On The Radio Dial. Paul Adams (via Seth) wonders "why radio stations can’t ping you by sms or even phone when they play a song you request. I’ve been following this story across the various blogs and decided to respond after reading Christopher Carfi’s note above.  It’s quite simple: Radio Stations are […]

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Malaysian MP offers direct SMS text to his desk

Link: More than 2,600 SMS for Samy over two days. Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu received more than 2,600 SMS over the past two days but only 200 of them were related to complaints against his ministry. Most of the SMS congratulated him. Works Minister Samy Vellu in Kuala Lumpur setup a complaints […]

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Is SMS really going to die?

Link: Is SMS really going to die? | Returning from the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona, I couldn’t help wondering if all the hype was really missing something important – why we love SMS. A thought-provoking article and in particular a thought-provoking title, to which my answer is a resounding YES.  But SMS is not […]

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Clickatell providing real-time SMS for First National Bank in Nambia

Link: First National Bank extends SMS service to Namibia – Computer Business Review. As part of plans to extend its inContact alert service to Nambia, South Africa’s First National Bank has joined with Clickatell, a US-based SMS text messaging company. You really do need real-time messaging for ‘transaction-based’ account operating messages. It’s excellent to see […]

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