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Africa & Mobile growth

Link: Connecting developing nations – Business – International Herald Tribune. "Africa offers great opportunities and last year added more new cellphone customers than Europe or the United States," Ibrahim said. "There were two million people using phones in Africa in 1998, and now there are 120 million."

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Fixed-to-mobile service launched in Russia

Link: Russia’s MGTS launches fixed-to-mobile SMS service. Russia’s main fixed-line operator Moscow City Telephone Network, or MGTS, has launched fixed-to-fixed and fixed-to-mobile SMS services for its clients, MGTS’ Deputy General Director for Commerce Alexei Goncharuk told a news conference Thursday. People subscribed to the service may send and receive SMS messages from other MGTS subscribers […]

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HOT: 82ask rocks

I was catching up with Oli Barrett this afternoon. He’s always been heavily involved in the mobile and interactive industries.  The latest venture that he’s involved in is — not quite your high end mobile technology start-up — instead, a wicked service that sends you 4 pairs of socks for under a tenner, whenever […]

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105 million UK texts expected for Valentine’s Day

Link: | The UK’s definitive text related information source.. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days for text messaging in the UK and the Mobile Data Association (MDA) is predicting that over 105 million messages will be sent on 14th February this year. I was thinking strongly about getting a Dominos pizza […]

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Helio Offers Handsets, More Details at MobHappy

Link: Helio Offers Handsets, More Details at MobHappy. Helio also says it will offer MySpace Mobile, bringing the popular social-networking site to mobile phones and alllowing people not to just view the site, but interact with other members as well as upload content from the mobile device. Helio really has a chance to do things […]

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Bazalgette: mobiles need ‘killer application’

Link: | Broadcast | Bazalgette: mobiles need ‘killer application’. Peter Bazalgette has issued a call to arms to telecoms companies and creative businesses, urging them to team up to develop a new approach to mobile content. The number one worst group of people you could ever want to speak to about developing content are […]

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Ever remember the movie Speed? "Pop quiz, hot shot: There’s a bomb on a bus. The bus goes over fifty-five miles per hour, the bomb is armed; it drops below fifty-five, the bomb goes off. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?" Well I’ve decided to give myself my very own pop quiz today […]

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US Shortcode Registry List and WHOIS service launched

I had a note from Jonathan Madnick to let me know about his super service: US Shortcode Whois in which he’s listing every single US shortcode number, it’s vanity alternative (e.g. 20369 = "20FOX"), its website and its general purpose. Not only is this a super reference resource, it’s an excellent record of what’s going […]

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Oboe: The Great Music Locker in the Sky

Link: The Great Music Locker in the Sky :: AO – Michael Robertson interview. So with Oboe, people will be able to copy all of their music from their local machines to a virtual music locker in the sky. They can then access the music that resides in this "locker in the sky" from any […]

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