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A tax on sms text messaging

Link: ABS-CBN Interactive. A proposal to tax text messaging is far from dead, according to the National Economic and Development Agency. "It [tax on texting] was a proposal, until it was formally shut down. But if you ask me, it’s not dead. I mean it can be resurrected anytime," NEDA Director General and Socioeconomic Planning […]

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Avalanche Mobile launches SMS monitoring service for parents

Link: Letting Parents Monitor Children’s texting. Avalanche Mobile has launched a software plaform that enables parents to see who is messaging their child, block suspicious SMS and temporarily suspend the messaging function of their child’s mobile phone during school hours or other quiet times. The system can also permit important messages from themselves or other […]

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TxtBIG – hot air or wickedly innovative service?

Link: Al Bredenberg VoIP & CRM Blog: TxtBIG Video Messaging Service Debuts. Check out Al Bredenberg’s blog posting above about TxtBIG in which he gives a refreshingly candid perspective: As far as I can tell, all the service really lets you do is send someone a kind of video greeting card via mobile phone, adding […]

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Coming to a cellphone near you: Work

Link: Coming to a cellphone near you: Work – Technology – International Herald Tribune. Seventy-five percent of businesses surveyed recently by Forrester, the technology consulting firm, plan significant investments in mobile productivity technology in the next two years. The IHT here is running a general piece about how mobile email is set to become more […]

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Vodafone and Google

Link:Reuters Article. Britain’s Vodafone Group Plc, the world’s biggest mobile phone operator by sales, said on Tuesday it has signed a deal with Google to offer search capabilities on its Vodafone live! 3G service. Google are on the frontpage of T-mobile’s mobile home page already.  They’re apparently going to be a ‘few clicks’ from the […]

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Orange sim cards go from 64k –> 512mb

Link: TCMnet Article. Orange, M-Systems and Oberthur Card Systems today announce a partnership to launch the world’s first 512 megabyte high-density SIM Card. This SIM card will have 8000 times more memory than standard 64 kilobyte SIM cards. Finally I might be able to store my contacts on the sim, eh? 

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BT bans Google – a follow-up; your help needed

I’ve had quite a few emails this evening expressing disbelief about this blog I posted earlier ("Does BT have any clue whatsoever about Google?").  I wrote that a senior chap in BT told me words to the effect of: "Google Mail is a banned service at BT" (Ergo they he’d never managed to get a […]

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Unlimited calls coming?

Link: Telegraph | Money | Deal with Skype paves way for free mobile calls on the internet. City analysts warned yesterday that if 3’s Skype service proves successful, larger rivals such as Vodafone will come under more pressure to offer free internet calls themselves, and to cut prices further for traditional calls over their networks. […]

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Instant Messaging for everyone

Link: Mobile operators promise IM for all – Yahoo! News UK. Fifteen of the world’s largest mobile phone operators, includingOrange,T-Mobile andVodafone, have signed adeal to include common standards for instant messaging (IM) interoperability. The deal, which consists of 32 letters of intent, will see common IMprotocols shared between operators so that customers from their networks […]

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Mobile phones as sex toys

Link: : Short-message sex. Instead of playing coy by promoting their technological innovations, cellphone makers have embraced what they call the "textual revolution" and are actively selling their short-message service (SMS) as a sex aid. Many cellphone companies have researched the market, and have been releasing their findings dressed up as Valentine’s Day trivia: […]

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