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New Sony Ericsson K610 3g handset

Link: New Sony Ericsson 3G Handset. ‘The K610 is a classic Sony Ericsson design reminiscent of the iconic and much loved T610 with a balance of form and function that makes it pretty irresistible,” said Jan Wareby, Corporate Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing Check out the review from the guys at  […]

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D-Link use SMS to connect consumers and channel partners

Link: > News > Networking > D-Link to Use SMS to Bridge Gap with Channels. Networking and communications company D-Link India has introduced a value-added service for customers and channel partners who are looking for information on its products and offers. D-Link has introduced this service, wherein by sending an SMS message starting with […]

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License needed to watch mobile TV (or risk £1k fine)

Link: Telegraph | News | Handset TV viewers risk £1,000 fine if they fail to buy licence. Consumers who make the most of mobile phone technology by watching live television broadcasts on their handsets were warned yesterday that they need to own a valid TV licence or face a £1,000 fine. Fair point I suppose […]

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NewBay FoneBlog Processing Over 20 million Messages a Month for Mobile Operators

Link: NewBay FoneBlog Processing Over 20 million Messages a Month. NewBay Software, a leading developer of mobile multimedia solutions, today announced that its FoneBlog mobile blogging and multimedia album services are processing over twenty million messages a month for Mobile Operators worldwide. Just as Alfie at has been asserting: Promote sharing, make it easy […]

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The importance of being paid – Yahoo! News

Link: The importance of being paid – Yahoo! News. Last autumn, mobile operator T-Mobile UK wrote to its BlackBerry customers to advise them that it would not be charging for international roaming or internet browsing until December because of problems with implementing its billing systems. I was one of those customers.  I couldn’t believe it!  […]

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The new J100 Sony Ericsson handset

Link: Sony Ericsson widens its entry level portfolio with the stylish compact J100 | Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson continues to expand its range of entry level phones with the J100, a phone that is extremely intuitive and affordable, making it ideal for everyday communications. This is the first time I’ve seen a picture of the […]

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Hay Systems (HSL) calls for market to reduce SMS termination charges

Link: HSL News Release. HSL (Hay Systems Ltd), the leading, reputable provider of reliable SMS gateway services, is today making a call for change in how Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) price SMS termination services for SMS messages sent to their respective mobile subscribers. Won’t somebody please think about the consumer!  By all means look at […]

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Nokia 6102/6101 audio (voice) messaging between phones

Link: ABC News: Nokia 6102/6101. The 6102 also has two features soon to be common on all new Nokia phones. One is audio messaging—a hybrid of MMS and voice recording. When you send an "audio message" between two Nokia phones, a window pops up that lets you play it immediately (on other phones it appears […]

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CDMA vs GSM, oh and WCDMA…. where is the future?

Link: They’re at it again: High-speed battle of the mobile networks – Technology – International Herald Tribune. This time, the competition is not as clear-cut as the Europe-vs.-U.S., GSM-vs.-CDMA conflict of the 1980s and early 1990s. While the rivalry is still between the third-generation successors to GSM and to CDMA, the commercial interests behind both […]

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