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SMS safety alerts enhance college security

This is a good idea.  You get all students at a college signed up to a centralised alerts system — and the moment there’s a crime or an issue, you whack out a message alerting everyone.  Really smart.  I like it.  The service is operated by Omnilert and has recently been endorsed by Security on […]

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Get your voicemail by MMS

Sydney software company, Whitesmiths Pty Ltd, claims to have achieved a world first with a system, now undergoing trials, that can take voicemail messages and deliver them direct to a cellphone as multimedia messages. ITWire has the story.  Very nifty!

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Half of the planet will have a mobile phone by 2009

I liked to the wrong report in the last blog.  Apologies.  But, you know, you got to the right site!  This is the other Portio Research report summary I was taking a look at: Worldwide Mobile Markets Forecasts. Here are the three key bullet points: • World Top 25 Mobile Growth Markets – ranking list […]

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SMS revenues set to hit USB$50 billion by 2010

You know, 2010 used to be a long way away when it was 1999 or 2001.  It is, of course, less than four years away.  Portio Research, an independent UK research company, has produced a report which reckons that the worldwide market for sms text messaging will garner USD$50 billion in revenues by 2010.  I […]

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More Valentines text hints

Observe the two-day rule: get in touch after meeting someone within two days, no longer I didn’t know this!    Maybe this is where I’ve been going wrong.  You must get in touch within 48 hours eh? Tons more rules, courtesy of dot-mobile/IOL: Here

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o2 almost sold

Telefonica (Spain) have pretty much bought most of o2 — they apparently control almost 97% of the shares.  o2’s shares are due to be delisted from the stock market on March 7.

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Watch The Office, Dr Who & Little Britain clips on your Orange mobile carries a story about Orange users getting the ability to download clips from BBC comedy shows to their mobiles. Check out the story: Here The text isn’t clear on whether it’s clips or actual full length programmes.  Jason Blain of the BBC is quoted as saying ‘watch their favourite shows on their phone’ whereas […]

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