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Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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Mobile Hotties

I managed to get hold of Ed this afternoon to ask him to nominate a service, piece of hardware, company or person that he reckons is hot in the mobile space at the moment.  I’m going to try and ask more movers and shakers for their recommendations in the coming days and weeks. Meantime, I’m […]

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The Telecoms Landscape

Ed, who’s spearheading web 2.0/mobile strategy for Accenture, has published his own private blog, The Communications Revolution.  He’s definitely thought-leading as I type.  The blogs are flying in on my feedreader.  One post I found particularly interesting relates to The Telecoms Landscape. He writes: I think we won’t see the technology landscape settle down for […]

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US Universities get into text recruiting

Here’s another note on US Universities making use of SMS to communicate with prospective students, this time from the Northwest Indiana Times: Kyle Yelton was hanging out with his friends when his cell phone alerted him to a text message. He then had the pleasure to led his buddies know that a college recruiter was […]

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Hot Company: buddyPing

As well as tracking SMS, mobile and related news, I wanted to highlight companies, services, products and people that are hot.  Here’s a service I’ve been using and watching for a little while now: buddyPing is a way to find your friends, events, venues and pretty much anything in your local area with your mobile. […]

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Buy a Thinkpad, get Vodafone 3g integrated

Lenovo announced plans to integrate Vodafone’s high speed mobile data connectivity into upcoming models of ThinkPad notebooks. In select ThinkPad T60 and X60 notebooks, customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of high speed mobile data networking without the need to use external datacards. You know, it’s still very cool to be sat in […]

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Things that wind me up about text messaging

Perhaps it’s the Scotsman in me, but I still get really annoyed when people text one digit to me.  For example, I text: "See you in 10 minutes" and the recipient feels somehow compelled to reply with: "y" Twelve and a half pence including VAT on a standard Vodafone service plan (after you’ve used up […]

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SMS helps Police deal with harassment easily

Australian Police are making good use of the SMS medium for dealing with harassment cases as this article from The Standard shows. Chief Inspector Robinson said SMS offences made prosecution easy for police. “We straight away have the words of wisdom sent,” he said “It’s like convicting yourself. “It’s as silly as assaulting someone in […]

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Qtags – the quick way to remember by SMS

I’ve been enjoying the Qtag ( blog for a few weeks now. I like their product concept.  As a bit of a geek, I do shy away from what they offer. I like the idea of companies having their own shortcode and infrastructure. However the reality is that it’s a bit of an arse and […]

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Now and again it’s wicked to connect with the best and the brightest in the industry.  I was doing just that this evening with Alfie Dennen of  He was discussing how excited he is to be working with Sony Ericsson — they’re sponsoring the Moblog Valentine Competition.  To enter, you simply have to send […]

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Bubblemail Voicemail to Text service

Quite like this — Bubbletalk effectively does text-to-voicemail.  Well, actually, voicemail to text.  You phone up, record your message, then the recipient gets a text telling them to go and listen to the voicemail.  Smart.  I could see this being used.  Link: Here

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Text your leader

PRAGUE, Jan 30 (CTK) – An appeal circulating among the people that they should send SMS messages to President Vaclav Klaus advising him whether he should sign a bill on registered partnership is a fraudulent initiative, though several dozen people have risen to the bait, Prima TV said today. If you’re getting hundreds of thousands […]

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