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Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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In defence of’s My Gallery moblog service

Muzagga who runs About Moblogging (and also read Alfie’s comments about’s My Gallery moblogging service which I posted earlier.  Muzagga wrote this defence (though he also agrees with much of what Alfie asserted). I hope, at some point, in the next 100 years, a network operator reads their comments and decides to act!

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I’ve been using

I’ve been using all afternoon for calling people.  I’ve run up a bill of 14 pence!    It’s wickedly good quality — plus there’s something about typing in the phone number and hitting the ‘call ‘ button on the web.  I love it.  It then phones you and the other party.  No pesky dialing. 

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3/’s MyGallery moblog

This isn’t a new innovation — it’s been around for a good few months.  I signed up for My Gallery when it came out to give it a go, see what it was like.  I’ve used it a few times.  It’s simple to use: You just text your image to shortcode 3333 and it’s written […]

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Text yourself a Coca Cola from the vending machine

Why don’t I see anything cool like this when I’m walking about in London?  Wicked! Check out the image: No idea how reliable or accurate it is Looks pretty accurate if you rate m-travel’s story from 2001: Here  .. and then assume the trials went really well and the service is now fully operational.  […]

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Jajah worth a look

Not strictly about SMS this posting, more about VOIP than anything else.  I got this primarily from the PhoneAddict blog ( and then had a look for some other opinions. Jajah is billed by some as a Skype killer.  Or David vs Goliath.  Not sure about this — as I think they’re addressing a slightly […]

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