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Texting over-used by College Coaches

Another basketball coach story!  If you’re a good basketball player and you’re thinking about going to college, chances are you are already drowning amidst the waves of text messages from college coaches trying to make sure you sign for them.  According to, it’s getting a bit out of hand — so much so that […]

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BT suspends SMS Self Service trial

The Register has a story about BT having to suspend their BT SMS Self Service facility: The service – BT SMS Self Service – lets punters text BT to see when their phone bill was last paid or to find progress on a fault. BT began trialling the service last month as part of a […]

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HOT: Sony Ericsson backs Microsoft Activesync

VNUnet is carrying a story confirming Microsoft has managed to get Sony Ericsson to license the Exchange ActiveSync protocol to: ..Enable wireless synchronisation between Exchange Server 2003 and Sony Ericsson’s forthcoming P990 and M600 smartphones. I’ve marked this as hot because getting your contacts on to a Sony is extremely annoying.  Their proprietary stuff just […]

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Sony Ericsson M600 3g Phone

I was just admiring the new Sony Ericsson M600 3g phone as recently reviewed by the people at here: 1.5cm thick?  Sony really are pumping out some super devices recently.  I’ve got the 700i one on ’3′ and it’s really very good.  In particular, I’ve always found the cameras to be superior compared […]

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Yahoo Go! — Ahh just can’t doooo it kapptannnn

I’ve been reading copious amounts of notes and reviews about the Yahoo Go! service.  I was very excited to hear about it at the recent CES show and I watched Terry Semel’s pitch.  I got very excited.  From what Terry and everyone else was describing, someone had finally done it: that is, knock the phone […]

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Unlimited texts for life on Vodafone for students

Still on the Observer texting article, I had to do a new blog for this subject: If you are a student it’s worth asking the networks about special deals. Vodafone, for example, offers a ‘joy of text’ tariff for anyone with an NUS card. The deal is available all year round, but is advertised only […]

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HOT: Tom Baker voicing BT’s text to landline service

I had to do another note on BT’s recently upgraded SMS to landline service.  I was listening to the Chris Moyles podcast last night ( and they’d sent a few texts to a landline and recorded Tom Baker’s voice delivering the message. It is officially a hot service! Hats off to the folks at BT.  […]

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Google has the right to log texts sent? Well. Duh.

I’ve read a few articles recently about the Google "Send-to-SMS" function that they recently released on their new Toolbar.  These articles are far too alarmist I think.  They exclaim to the world that Google may log the text of the message that you send.  No biggie, surely?  It’s a free service.  In fact if they’re […]

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