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Text yourself a Coca Cola from the vending machine

Why don’t I see anything cool like this when I’m walking about in London?  Wicked! Check out the image: No idea how reliable or accurate it is Looks pretty accurate if you rate m-travel’s story from 2001: Here  .. and then assume the trials went really well and the service is now fully operational.  […]

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Jajah worth a look

Not strictly about SMS this posting, more about VOIP than anything else.  I got this primarily from the PhoneAddict blog ( and then had a look for some other opinions. Jajah is billed by some as a Skype killer.  Or David vs Goliath.  Not sure about this — as I think they’re addressing a slightly […]

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French in Lebanon are connected by text

Daily Star Lebanon reports: French nationals in Lebanon have received warnings by SMS to refrain from heading to any demonstrations and to keep up-to-date on the developing political situation. According to the SMS, "French nationals are warned to keep themselves informed by any means they can on how the situation is developing and avoid at […]

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Alfie of comments on recent MMS survey

Gah I should have asked Alfie’s opinion earlier seeing as he is running!  Alfie has posted a comment to the article I published recently commenting on In-Stat’s recent MMS survey, reporting less than a third of cameraphone owners bothered using MMS.  Apart from price (obviously a key issue), Alfie comments: People need to be […]

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IceMobile’s VideoCall2TV service nominated in GSM Innovation Award

I got a note from Tim Krengel at Ice Mobile ( to say that they’ve been nominated as a finalist for the GSM Association’s Mobile Innovation Award.  Congratulations!  I think I’ve seen their stuff working a few times plus I particularly like the concept of VideoCall2Helpdesk too. Here’s the press release: GSM Association Nominates IceMobile […]

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