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Microsoft ‘year away’ from cheaper handsets

Link: Microsoft ‘year away’ from single-core phone OS | The Register. Microsoft’s phones need a baseband processor running the GSM stack, and a separate application processor core running Windows Mobile OS. The single-core phone operating system makes the device a lot, lot cheaper to produce.  Cheap is what you need when you want to put […]

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Nothing says I love you better than 92 million text messages

Shortly I hope to be reading a few news releases from various operators, or perhaps the Mobile Data Association themselves to see how many text messages are sent today (it being the 14th of Feb). It was to the MDA’s information site that I turned for statistics on last year’s Valentine’s Day traffic in […]

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Text your lover instead of buying a Valentine Card

Link: Text messages open portal to men’s hearts – 14 Feb 2006 – Technology & Science. Technology has freed New Zealand blokes to share their feelings, as sweet nothings can now be texted to a beloved, taking away any embarrassment of buying a Valentine card. I don’t quite know about this.  For me, the annoying […]

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200,000 Ukrainians vote in SMS text referendum

Link: ITAR-TASS. Almost 80 percent of respondents who have taken part in an SMS referendum in Ukraine spoke in support of the Russian language. Over 200,000 people have already voted. Of them, 158,965 people believe that Russian should be made an official language in Ukraine, the organisers of the poll, the leaders of the opposition […]

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73% rarely use 3g services; Mobile TV limited

Link: U.K.. In the YouGov study of 2,000 U.K. consumers, 79 percent responded they believe mobile services are becoming more complicated, and 73 percent of 3G handset users rarely use 3G services, such as television, music downloads and video calls. Only 8 percent of consumers planned to upgrade to a 3G handset last month, […]

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Add2Phone breaks through 5 million MMS milestone

Link: Press Releases | Kauppalehti Online. Add2Phone, leading mobile messaging solutions provider, today announced that it has to date globally delivered more than 5 Million Multimedia Messages (MMS) This is good news for them in context.  Out of context, it’s nothing… absolutely nothing compared to the billions of text messages being sent around the planet […]

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Goldfrapp start moblogging for their fans

Staying on the subject of MMS, Goldfrapp, the electronic music duo, have started moblogging for their fans on their website here.  Fantastic! To the left is a screenshot of their Imagewall — a random sampling of their recent images.  I have no doubt that this is a) a wicked idea and b) going to be […]

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Moblogging in page 3 of the London Metro

Metro, the UK’s biggest free daily newspaper, ran a feature on Alfie’s Valentine competition (blogged here last week).  As well as phenomenal traffic for Moblog, this is great news for MMS, putting the medium in-front of literally millions of target consumers.  I’m willing to bet nearly everyone reading the Metro this morning has a […]

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New Sony Ericsson K610 3g handset

Link: New Sony Ericsson 3G Handset. ‘The K610 is a classic Sony Ericsson design reminiscent of the iconic and much loved T610 with a balance of form and function that makes it pretty irresistible,” said Jan Wareby, Corporate Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing Check out the review from the guys at  […]

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D-Link use SMS to connect consumers and channel partners

Link: > News > Networking > D-Link to Use SMS to Bridge Gap with Channels. Networking and communications company D-Link India has introduced a value-added service for customers and channel partners who are looking for information on its products and offers. D-Link has introduced this service, wherein by sending an SMS message starting with […]

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License needed to watch mobile TV (or risk £1k fine)

Link: Telegraph | News | Handset TV viewers risk £1,000 fine if they fail to buy licence. Consumers who make the most of mobile phone technology by watching live television broadcasts on their handsets were warned yesterday that they need to own a valid TV licence or face a £1,000 fine. Fair point I suppose […]

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