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Nokia 6102/6101 audio (voice) messaging between phones

Link: ABC News: Nokia 6102/6101. The 6102 also has two features soon to be common on all new Nokia phones. One is audio messaging—a hybrid of MMS and voice recording. When you send an "audio message" between two Nokia phones, a window pops up that lets you play it immediately (on other phones it appears […]

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CDMA vs GSM, oh and WCDMA…. where is the future?

Link: They’re at it again: High-speed battle of the mobile networks – Technology – International Herald Tribune. This time, the competition is not as clear-cut as the Europe-vs.-U.S., GSM-vs.-CDMA conflict of the 1980s and early 1990s. While the rivalry is still between the third-generation successors to GSM and to CDMA, the commercial interests behind both […]

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3g doomed? ;-) IHT discussion piece

Link: How many more false starts for 3G before takeoff? – Technology – International Herald Tribune. They spent billions more advertising new services like video calling, video downloads and ultrafast Internet access. They hyped it, they built it, they advertised it, but where are the clients? Interesting discussion piece.

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.mobi mobile domain name on its way…

Link: 160Characters Association. Rollout plans for the dotmobi domain name have been announced with the early sunrise registration period starting in June this year. Arrgh I just can’t stand that name ‘.mobi’!  Why not .mob?  Mobi?  I keep thinking Carphone Warehouse "Mowbli". If we’re going to go with .mobi why don’t we just stick on […]

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HOT: Voipstunt?

I was just having a look at Alfie’s blog and came across this blog post: VOIPSTUNT: errr. Hang about, so this gives me *free* calls to any landline in 37 countries, *and* I get a free VOIP in number? Ok, this I have to try. More later. The site he’s referencing is  I’ll give […]

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Text your mates for free with Juize (in the UK)

Got this from my younger brother – it’s apparently doing the rounds with his friends. Link: juize – Now everyone can text for free. We’d like to give you a simple piece of software for your mobile phone. It will let you send text messages to your friends’ mobiles for free* And you don’t need […]

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The Orange/BBC content deal

There’s more details about the jsut announced Orange/BBC content deal on VNU’s site: Customers subscribing to Orange World will pay £3.50 for a ‘real-tone’ taken from one of the BBC shows, £2.50 for a ‘wallpaper’ image, and 75p to £1 for a video clip. Well at least it’s not £3.50 for a video clip.  75p-£1.00 […]

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I go through phases with SMS and calling.  Sometimes I think it’s more effective to text, because that gives the other person time to finish doing what’s important and call me later.  That’s when I’m in the "phone calling is interuptive" frame of mind.  Other times I feel a call is much more efficient than […]

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Blackberry fluffery

If you’re in the mood for an excellent bit of Good Technology ego building, check out this piece of marketing masquerading as a news story by Peter Judge on about ‘Blackberry panic hitting the UK’.  The best line is at the end.  The chap from the law firm who’s just bought Good Technology’s services, […]

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