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What’s new in iPhone OS 3.1

You can’t have failed to hear that Apple had a little get-together last night – unless, of course, you don’t use Twitter, don’t watch the news or have spent the past 14 hours or so with a tin foil hat on your head. New iPods – and the second coming of Jesus first public appearance […]

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More information on the Orange/T-Mobile merger

It may have only been unveiled a matter of hours ago, but the PR teams at both T-Mobile and Orange have been busy assembling a veritable ream of information about the proposed merger of their two businesses. And some video too (at the end of this post). First, some headline figures. As mentioned in the […]

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T-Mobile and Orange merger: It’s official

The BBC are reporting the rumoured merger between Deutsche Telekom’s UK mobile unit T-Mobile and France Telecom’s Orange is on – with the two companies planning to create a ‘super-operator’ by November. The new combined unit would bring in around £8.2bn worth of sales, and hoover up 37% of the UK market – more than […]

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T-Mobile and Orange to announce merger tomorrow?

Just in: Reuters is reporting T-Mobile UK and Orange are set to announce they are in exclusive talks to form a joint venture. Whilst neither party will comment on the report, sources close to both companies said an official announcement could happen as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). Reports over the weekend in the UK Sunday […]

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Why are 3 UK blocking Wapedia? (updated)

I sometimes think I’m like ‘Jonny 5’, the robot out of the cult 80’s movie ‘Short Circuit‘. Need input.. information, information and more information. That’s why I like Wikipedia – once you’ve done with browsing the usual mobile-tailored news portals you can pass many a dull journey on public transport by typing in something random […]

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Is your old mobile worth £1000? This one is

I don’t normally pay much attention to anything the Daily Mail says – if I did to be honest I’d probably be holed up in a panic room surviving on bread and water as every other type of food known to man causes some terrible disease and modern Britain is too dangerous to venture outside. […]

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GSM encryption can be cracked for $500

That was the shocking claim that popped into my inbox this morning. Spend $500 on a bit of radio hardware, plug it into your laptop and you too can play spooks and listen in to someone’s mobile phone call. Now before you start panicking, let’s clear a few things up. This is a theoretical possibility […]

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SpinVox rattles the money tin, but is it too late?

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh no, not another SpinVox-bashing post”. So rather than continue Ewan’s previous run of what some people have accused of being a personal rant when it’s just merely reporting facts with a few points of personal opinion attached, I’m going to do something different here. I’ll state some “facts” from […]

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Mobile content aggregators: can you help?

I had lunch today with a contact in the TV industry who is working on producing some rather good daily video content. It’s entertainment, movie and games news – and from what I’ve seen of the pilots very professional. It wouldn’t look out of place on a regular TV channel. His plan is to get […]

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Bye Bye Blyk. Again.

Are ‘yoof’ targetted MVNO Blyk shutting down in the UK? Yes they are. But then they weren’t. But now they are. We think. Just before the weekend I wrote that they’d inked a deal with Vodafone in Holland. Remember Blyk, the ‘yoof’ ad-funded mobile service? Last thing we heard they were rumoured to be shutting […]

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O2: Fail, fail and fail again

It’s been a bit of a bad week for O2 and their UK network. On Monday a fire at an unnamed substation took out a whole load of cell sites across London. On Tuesday it managed to break the whole data network for the majority of customers. Not just 3G but GPRS too. In fact […]

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O2 launch landline numbers for mobile service

Here’s a curious one. O2 have just announced the launch of something called ‘Fixed Number Anywhere’ – a service which gives O2 business customers a regular UK geographic (i.e. 01xxx 02xxx) or freephone (0808) number attached to their mobile. The caller dials the number, it rings your mobile, and voila. But hang on a second, […]

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