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Blyk ink exclusive deal with Vodafone

Remember Blyk, the ‘yoof’ ad-funded mobile service? Last thing we heard they were rumoured to be shutting up shop – but it turned out they were merely changing direction towards an operator partnership model. With the course set towards that destination, Blyk announced yesterday they’ve inked their first operator deal – an exclusive with Vodafone […]

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Can SpinVox spin their way out of this?

I’m sure you’ve heard of SpinVox – the UK-based firm that turns your voicemails into texts. And I’m pretty certain you’ve probably used them at some point – or know someone who has. There’s been rumours flying around since SpinVox first surfaced that the clever technology that recognises speech and turns it into a pretty […]

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InfoBip launches new ‘Vanguard’ UK SMS service

I had a note from the guys over at InfoBip the other day about their new SMS offering. Called ‘Vanguard’, it provides a direct connection to UK mobile networks with only one SMSC between the sender and the recipient. ‘So what’, I hear you ask. ‘Surely all SMS providers are the same?’ No, they’re not […]

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Global Messaging 2009 – a brief roundup

I spent an afternoon at the Global Messaging 2009 conference in London a little while back. Promising to ‘reverse the decline of messaging ARPUs’ and discussions on ‘strategies to grow messaging traffic and revenue’, the conference itself featured some big names from the likes of O2, IDC, MTN and Vodafone. But hang on a second, […]

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Coming up in the next week

Hello, Alex here. You may remember me from such recent articles as ‘Are mobile calls as secure as you think‘ and  ‘Datawind launch three new mobile Internet devices‘. To say I’ve been a bit busy with other projects lately would be an understatement. However, it hasn’t stopped me putting in the hours for this esteemed […]

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Are mobile calls as secure as you think?

It’s been an interesting week in the world of mobile security, with news emerging that UK tabloid Sunday newspaper News of The World is allegedly involved in a rather serious phone ‘hacking’ incident. Whilst the papers have been busy claiming this is ‘wiretapping’, and actual mobile calls have been intercepted, it seems more the case […]

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Datawind launch three new mobile Internet devices

Remember the Pocketsurfer – the little handheld device that allowed you to surf the net on the go and not end up with a huge bill? Makers Datawind haven’t been sitting on their laurels, and just over a year since they announced the PocketSurfer 2 it’s time for the next generation to hit the streets […]

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Is Tesco Mobile Ireland in trouble?

Tesco Mobile Ireland – which like its UK sister operation is a joint venture between Tesco and O2, managed to rack up a deficit of €7.3m by the end of last year, according to the Irish Times. The paper reports that the operation, launched in mid-2007, has just filed accounts at the Companies’ Registration Office […]

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It’s official: O2 get the Palm Pre

Whilst it pretty much confirmed what we already knew, O2 have today announced they’ve got exclusivity on the Palm Pre in Europe. At least that’s what the headline says. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find the beginnings of a two-track rollout. The Telefonica O2 group operates mobile networks in the UK, Spain, Germany, […]

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Orange ‘watch phone’ to hit the UK in August

Orange have today announced plans to launch the world’s first touchscreen ‘watch phone’ in the UK this August. Made by LG, it’s a phone (obviously), a watch (again, I shouldn’t have to mention that), and touchscreen. But what else can it do? It’ll be available on pay as you go, and comes with a bluetooth […]

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The T-Mobile takeover rumour mill continues

There was an interesting article in The Observer over the weekend, featuring an interview with Matthew Key, Chief Executive of O2. Is he worried about being left out of the bidding war for Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile UK business unit? Quite probably, but he plays it quite cool. “We are watching developments closely, but if you’re […]

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