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When BlackBerry was teh sex

Saving RIM in Three Easy Steps

Since RIM’s disastrous “earnings” report last week, and their CEO’s insane (either that or completely out of context) comments, a lot of people have been dancing on their soon-to-be grave. And even more people who have never run a business bigger than a lemonade stand or managed anything beyond a WordPress account, have been offering their advice to […]

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Google+ and the Android Trojan Horse

I was skeptical at first, but I think there is a future in Google+. I’ve been using it this last week, and it’s not perfect, but not bad either. I was skeptical because of Google’s massive social fails in Buzz, Latitude, Wave and +1 (although to be fair +1 on its own is a fail, […]

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Conferenceville, USA

San Francisco: Conferenceville, USA

Ahoy from sunny SF, MIR readers! Ewan has been giving us the goods from BlackBerry DevCon all week, all the while a small local blog called TechCrunch had its own Disrupt conference in our humble bayside town. Well today, I’m at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference and next week I’ll be at CTIA. I’ll do my best […]

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iPad, iPad iPad. iPad? iPad… iPad!

As the title to this post might suggest, the iPad has been on my mind, and if Techmeme is an accurate zeitgeist of the webernets, it’s on everyone else’s mind too. As I write this, 10 of the top 12 stories on the Techmeme are about the iPad. So I got one on Saturday. In […]

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