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Apple Giving US iPhone Owners a Rotten Deal?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend today regarding the recent announcement of France Telecom’s Orange and their pricing of the iPhone. According to sources, you’ll be able to purchase the iPhone unlocked for 749 EUR (649 for the phone, another 100 for the on-the-spot unlocking). Of course, you’ll still be hooked into a […]

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Google Maps Mobile Now Has Virtual GPS

Today Google released an update to its Google Maps Mobile application, and has added support for Virtual GPS. Dubbed ‘My Location’, the new feature uses cell tower triangulation and talks to the towers that you are using at the time. It then displays this information as an approximate location on the map, allowing you to […]

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FLM and ReelTime ROK!

ROK, the UK based mobile technology company, has recently acquired Fun Little Movies (FLM) to jointly offer made-for-mobile video content to carriers around the world. Today,, an internet television network, has announced an agreement with FLM and ROK to allow them to distribute ReelTime’s programs and content to its network of partners. ROK has […]

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New Bluepulse Launcher Available

If you’re a bluepulse user, you probably noticed that they released a new version lately, and today they’re announcing the launch of their new bluepulse launcher. Bluepulse is a combination social network and instant messenger, right on your mobile handset. With a universal inbox and outbox, it’s easy to use bluepulse to keep in touch […]

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UK Sex Advice SMS Service Successful

A year ago, the Lincolnshire County Council spent 12,000 pounds setting up a project designed to reduce teenage pregnancy and the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Teens are encouraged to text in their queries regarding contraception, virginity, STDs, and homosexuality, to receive an answer from one of the “agony aunts.” To maintain confidentiality, callers’ numbers […]

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Confessions of a Cellphone Salesman

I’ve spent 3 years of my life working in a retail cellphone kiosk, selling the phones and services of Cingular/AT&T, T-Mobile US, and Sprint PCS, and thought it fit well with recent conversations here at SMStextnews to do a 2-part entry on the US mobile phone market. The first part will list a few things […]

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Embarq Wireless Speaks to Landlines

Embarq wireless has introduced a new text-to-landline service for their wireless customers. The new service will automatically convert text messages sent to landlines into speech, with no extra fees other than standard messaging rates. The competitive advantage of Embarq’s new service is that they have built an entire dictionary of commonly used SMS acronyms and […]

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GeoSMS – Google Maps SMS Mashup

Google Maps mashups are always fun, and there’s a new one that seems a bit like Twittervision by letting you send an SMS with your location. GeoSMS is a site that lets you send a text message to their number, along with a message of some sort, and they overlay this on a Google Map. […]

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Mobile Phone Gaming is Sony Ericsson’s Last Frontier?

Sony’s a big company with a handful of different brands for consumer products. The big ones include Walkman, Cyber-shot, Bravia, and Playstation. What’s the oddball in the bunch? Playstation is – it’s the only one that hasn’t been put on a mobile handset – yet. Sony Computer Entertainment Exec Jim Ryan recently stated, “The Playstation […]

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