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Ewan MacLeod: “TFL destroys hopes of a mobile phone/Underground relationship” (via FriendFeed)

Ewan MacLeod “TFL destroys hopes of a mobile phone/Underground relationship” March 17 at 5:21 pm – Comment – Like I get this; I really do — you don't want people arsing about on their handset texting and falling off the platform… that said, I'd still like to have signal myself..

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3 million – really, that’s a lot right

Flippin’ ‘eck! I knew they were popular but this is getting silly. In fact, analysts are suggesting that Apple could have got its figures wrong and been slightly conservative in its belief in the iPhone. It is, estimated, to have shifted 3 million new iPhones in just over four weeks. That’s a lot. In fact, […]

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Hanibal, BA, Murdoch, Face, Jobs and Woz

“In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can […]

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Failed to qualify, Olympics text service could do better

I’m a little frustrated by some of the technology coming out of the Olympics. I’ve loved watching Phelps’ gold rush, Cooke’s cycling gold was equally amazing to witness and, being a rowing nut, I’ve not moved from the TV whilst these events are on. But, some of the interactive services suck royally. Aside from screaming […]

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Android leaked onto YouTube

Ok, so most leaks are truly naff, unveiled attempts at marketing. I doubt this one is though. A video has appeared on YouTube of the Android phone. Now, Google has always gone for secrecy so I’m assuming Larry Page and Sergey Brin are probably quite miffed right now. It’s hardly the clearest video and doesn’t […]

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Moto goes all iPhone

The industry is teaming with leaked images for iPhones. Naturally the Nokia iPhone, uh, sorry, Tube, was placed into the amazing Dark Knight batman movie. And now Motorola has leaked images of its iPhone. Honestly, you’d think this cloak and dagger stuff was easy. The web is now teaming with countless images of the Motorola […]

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Just how rich are you – would you pay £500 for a flashing light?

I’m not sure whether to laugh and enjoy the schadenfreude or feel truly sorry for a reviewer calling himself Lee5279. According to iClarify, someone has accidentally bought the $999.99 “I Am Rich” iPhone app. Unsurprisingly, he is desperately seeking help to get out paying it – from Apple no less. According to its creator, Armin […]

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Another Olympic iPhone service

It’s only two weeks to go until I disappear off to France for a few days. As the closing weekend of the Olympics hit I’ll be staring at the TV screen in a villa near Nantes, often shouting and pleading with the British athletes to win. I’ll probably also get dumped for ignoring my fiancee. […]

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Ooh – isn’t the iPhone a bit like Microsoft

Apples are just as naff as PCs. Now that’s a statement to frustrate every last person that shows affinity with the following conversation: Them: “Apple’s are so much better than PC’s.” Me: “Why?” Them: “They’re so much better for the high end stuff. PC’s are for work, Mac’s are for home – have you not […]

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