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The lifeblood of innovation, in this section we profile applications and related services that come to our attention. If you’re a developer and you’d like your application featured — or, if you’ve just discovered a piece of electronic genius in the form of a must-have-application, email our editor, Ewan with details.

LiFi Main Pic

Get ready for LiFi

We recently published an article about 5 things you might have missed last month, in which one of the items we covered was the recent demonstration of a working LiFi system. Several people have since expressed an interest in finding out more about the new networking technology – so what exactly is it? In the next few years […]

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Product Review: Smart Numbers

  Manufacturer: Marbotic URL: Where to buy: Marbotic’s Online Shop  Price: €34,99   Made by the French company, Marbotic, this little box of 10 smart wooden numbers makes for a really unusual gift for children aged 3-8 years old this Christmas. Inspired by Montessory pedagogy, these beautifully made wooden letters interact with your tablet via three […]

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My Top 7 apps: Karl Loudon from Mubaloo

For today’s Top 7 apps post we have Karl Loudon from Mubaloo Mubaloo is an award-winning enterprise mobile consultancy and app developer. Mubaloo helps businesses explore the opportunities for mobility, establish strategic frameworks and roadmaps; delivering an end-to-end design, development and integration service. Mubaloo Innovation Lab, a division of Mubaloo, partners with clients to enable […]

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MIR Logo

Roundup of the month – 5 things you might have missed

“In the world of mobile, life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Judging by my obvious fondness for the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the paraphrased quote seems appropriate for today’s mobile and tech industries. There’s rarely a day when a new mobile device or technological advancement doesn’t make the […]

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Apps For The Weekend - Featured Image

Apps for the weekend

Admit it – you love it when the weekend arrives. A chance to take a break and finally get some of those chores done or just kick back and escape the crowds. Everyone wishes to have a relaxed and pleasant weekend, but all too often those hopes of having a fantastic few days off are […]

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Dave Tucker - Sonocent

My Top 7 apps: Dave Tucker from Sonocent

I’m back with another Top 7 apps write up for you all. Today Dave Tucker from Sonocent is going through his favourite apps. Sonocent was founded in 2007 by speech technology expert, Roger Tucker, Sonocent is an edtech firm specialised in helping students and professionals alike harness the power of the spoken word. Originally created […]

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HIVE Connected Home 2

The connected home: 5 steps to a connected home with Hive [updated December]

Hive fast tracks the future with connected home tech for all The truly connected home is always said to be just around the corner. As a child I remember watching the UK TV programme Tomorrow’s World, in which there was no end of future-looking applications unveiled on a regular basis, showing how we’d all be controlling […]

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Apple Watch - Just Press Record 1

Apps to Watch: Just Press Record

One of the most useful apps mysteriously missing from Apple Watch is a built-in voice recorder app. There is an iOS version that comes with every iPhone, so quite why Apple didn’t include one on Apple Watch is anyone’s guess. In today’s Apps to Watch post, we’ll take a quick look at Just Press Record, a handy little app that fills the […]

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Opera Max 2

Over 100 million Android phones expected to integrate Opera Max by 2017

News landed on our desk recently concerning the uptake of Opera’s data management / compression app Opera Max, which aims to reduce the amount of data used by Android phones. In an age where unlimited data plans are expensive, and increasingly being scaled back by the majority of operators, anything that can reduce the amount of data […]

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Nick Braund

My Top 7 apps: Nick Braund of PHA Media

I’m back with another Top 7 apps. This week we have Nick Braund from PHA Media, he is the Head of Technology & Innovation. PHA Media is one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing PR agencies. Founded by former newspaper & magazine editor Phil Hall 10 years ago, the company has become one of […]

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Doddle logo purple

Sending Christmas parcels is a Doddle!

With only 6 weeks until Christmas, there’s plenty to do before the big day. Here at Mobile Industry Review we are busy collating our Top Tech Christmas Stocking ideas for a series of posts which we will be publishing over the next couple of weeks, with our top picks and reviews of cool gadgets; for […]

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