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The lifeblood of innovation, in this section we profile applications and related services that come to our attention. If you’re a developer and you’d like your application featured — or, if you’ve just discovered a piece of electronic genius in the form of a must-have-application, email our editor, Ewan with details.

Mobile App Development

ContractIQ’s app development report highlights latest mobile trends

Mobile app development is a way of life for thousands of independent developers, and also brings in massive revenues for all manner of companies, big and small. ContractIQ recently conducted a report on the state of app development, revealing some interesting facts and figures on the burgeoning industry. ContractIQ report finds 1 in 4 turn apps […]

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Twitter Main Pic

Apps that changed the world: Twitter

In our series in apps that changed the world, perhaps the most obvious candidates are social media sites and apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Twitter has arguably had more of an impact on the way we use our mobiles, and reporting and influence on world events, so without further ado here’s a brief rundown of […]

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My Top 7 apps: Terry Cordeiro from Lloyds

I’m back with another Top 7 apps post, this week I have Terry Cordeiro, Head of Proposition Development – Digital Transformation at Lloyds Banking Group. Let’s get on with Terry’s list… – – – – – Evernote and Scannable: Even though these are two apps from Evernote, I have combined them as their combined value is awesome! […]

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Tidal Celebrities

Tidal enters the crowded music streaming scene

Last week, some of the biggest music industry stars came out on stage to announce the launch (though it was actually a relaunch) of Tidal, a new music streaming service that supports a lossless, high quality format aimed at audiophiles. The announcement involved stars such as Madonna, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Jack White, who signed a declaration […]

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My Top 7 Apps: Martin Macmillan of Pollen VC

I’m back with another Top 7 apps post. This week we have Martin Macmillan, CEO of Pollen VC. You can find out more about him here. Pollen VC gives app developers faster access to their app store revenues. Martin uses an iPhone 5S. Let’s get on with his list of apps… – – – – […]

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App Store

Apps that changed the world…

In the first of several posts, we take a look at mobile apps that changed the world in one way or another, for better or worse. There are dozens of apps that could lay claim to having changed the world or had a far-reaching impact – some of these are simply mobile versions of websites, perhaps Facebook or Twitter for […]

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Subrah Iyar

My Top 7 apps: Subrah Iyar of Moxtra

Here we are with another Top 7 apps. This week we have Subrah Iyar, CEO of Moxtra. Moxtra is a mobile collaboration service for teams & projects. Moxtra is driven by a powerful cloud collaboration platform which enables project spaces called Moxtra Binders. Moxtra’s Binder capabilities include powerful text, voice, and multimedia chat capabilities, rich visual […]

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Liftshare Icon

The Liftshare app is changing car-pooling for the better

Finding safe, reliable and inexpensive transport that suits your own schedule is often a real challenge – public transport can be overpriced, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. For years, many people have joined informal lift-sharing schemes with colleagues and friends – often contributing to the cost of the trip. So in today’s era of smartphones and the Internet, it’s fantastic to see a mobile-focused […]

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My Top 7 apps: Tom Beevers of Stockviews

Today we have another of our Top 7 apps submission and this time we have Tom Beevers, CEO at StockViews. To read an exclusive interview with Tom, and learn more about StockViews, click here. Stockviews are an exciting new crowdsourced platform for equity research Tom uses the iPhone 6. Let’s have a look through his list… – – […]

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