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Video: Jeff Lawson, CEO/Co-Founder of Twilio

Late last year I managed to pop by the Twilio offices in San Francisco to meet with Jeff Lawson, the company’s rockstar CEO and co-founder. Twilio’s brilliance has been enabling anybody to use their telecoms infrastructure API to do almost anything you need with a telephone — and also with SMS. So, for example, if […]

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BlueVia: “Helping developers run at internet speed”

Continuing our BlueVia Introduction series, their top man, Jose Valles, is back — but this time in English! (I hope you enjoyed Jose’s brief Spanish video from Monday). I asked Jose if he could give me an example of how BlueVia works with developers. He jumped straight into an answer so I’ve edited the video […]

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Jose Valles introduces BlueVia… this time in Spanish!

Right then time for Jose Valles, top man at BlueVia, to feature again. This time there’s a bit of a change to the normal interview style though. I just changed one tiny aspect. The language! I asked Jose if he could introduce BlueVia entirely in Spanish. My Spanish is limited to basic two and three […]

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José Valles on working at BlueVia

Continuing our series on BlueVia, we’re back with José Valles, BlueVia’s top man. In this segment, I asked him what it’s like working at BlueVia. For more information on BlueVia, Telefonica’s developer programme, please visit www.bluevia.com.

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BlueVia’s Head of Product, Ruben Mellado

In the fourth episode of our BlueVia Introduction series (kindly supported by BlueVia) we meet Ruben Mellado. Ruben is BlueVia’s Head of Product and Technology and therefore is well placed to give us a bit more of a technical overview of the available APIs. Have a watch! For more information on BlueVia, Telefonica’s developer programme, […]

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OrangePartnerCampWatch: Miscellaneous musings

Before we start filing some of the briefings that we attended, plus wade through the multitude of notes and scribblings to find out what’s relevant and what’s good we thought we’d bring you some miscellaneous musings. These are items that don’t really fit into anywhere as such, but are still of interest we believe. Orange […]

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Fring opens up for developers

Good news for fans of Fring: the mobile VoIP company has released its APIs, meaning developers out there can build whatever web apps to interact with the Fring client, and take advantage of all the usual Fring functionality: presence, talk, chat, file transfer, auto-roaming and all the rest. Opening up APIs is usually one of […]

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