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KeeMobile launches soon

I had a note in from Tim Belfall of Condico Mobile. Here it is…. Hi Ewan The great thing about MIR is the cross range of subjects, personalities, entertainment and news, so it is a very sad loss that MIR is disappearing for the greater majority of viewers. Graham Higginson and myself are putting together […]

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Carphone Warehouse ALSO launches Pay-As-You-Go BlackBerry x 2

On that day that will go down the annals of history as BlackBerry’s move to prepaid services, or the day everyone on the planet announces their pay as you go BlackBerry handsets – Carphone Warehouse unveils the 8110 and 8210. Those two phones are available from January 30th at the princely sum of £149.95 each, […]

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Kiboo launches BuddyMob for Android

BuddyMob caught my attention. I’ve been looking for an Android IM client — and it appears that is BuddyMob… and thensome. The release states that: BuddyMob is a single tool that enables continuous contact with friends via instant messaging, geo-tagged multimedia content sharing, micro-blogging, positioning on GoogleMaps, and a live instant feed to and from […]

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Samsung Cleo launches in Canada

Just got this in… We heard a while back that the Samsung Cleo was on its way, and and now it’s arrived — well, if you’re lucky enough to live in Canada, anyway. It’s not the only square flip phone on the planet, but it’s definitely the most fashion-conscious. As far as we can tell, […]

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QIK launches on the Blackberry platform

QIK, probably the best mobile video streaming platform has hit the Blackberry platform this morning. The system is alpha and they’ve got it working on almost every modern Blackberry — including the Pearl, the Bold, the Curve and the new Pearl Flip (which is a piece of goodness in itself). Founder Bhaskar is radiating sheer […]

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3UK launches real-time in-video advertising

Despite getting rightly beaten up by colleague Ben Smith (regarding their rather appalling 3G / WiFi Router), we’ve got some good things to say about 3 this morning. 3UK has done a deal with 4th Screen (the single point of contact for mobile advertising that’s part of MIG) and Mobix Interactive (the technical supplier). Later […]

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Manchester Airport launches text feedback

I had a note in from Jaun Mouton of Touchwork — the people who boosted feedback at Cape Town airport by 3000% with text messaging. I’m pleased to report that they’re doing similar at Manchester Airport. The key reason for doing so is to measure customer experience at international arrivals. And let’s be clear, this […]

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Trutap launches Hornet content platform

I got a note in this morning from Carl Uminski, CTO of Trutap. I caught up with Carl very briefly at CTIA in San Francisco last month and he showed me a demo of the next version of Trutap — it’s going to be quite stunning. IM, Content, Social Networking — all aimed at the […]

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Nottingham University launches WiMax network next week

If you’re living in the Radford, Forest Fields and Haddon Park areas of Nottingham, you’ll shortly be serviced by a rather wicked WiMAX network, courtesy of Nottingham University. Ostensibly the network is a pilot — aimed at connecting students, teaching staff, business and local residents. The network launches on the 29th of September (the day, […]

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