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BBC News is excellent on Mobizines. It’s a much nicer browsing experience than with WAP. I really like it.

However, my absolute favourite part of the service is the ringtone alert that you get when the service has updated (it updates four times a day). Your phone plays the familiar BBC News 24 jingle and then prompts you to login and have a look at the updated news. Love it!

By Ewan

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One reply on “BBC News on Mobizines”

“Hmm, know what you mean about the catchy BBC tune (though fear it could be wearing thin with the rest of my office).

I must say, it’s not like I need the service – I already spend a couple of hours a day reading the paper/watching the news – but I find it quite handy for quickly catching up on the odd bit of sports (esp during Wimbledon/World Cup) and entertainment news, and I figure I might as well seeing as its virtually free”

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