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T-Mobile UK to launch Nokia N95 in January. OOOOH baby!

Picture 3T-Mobile UK, well known around the place as consistently having an annoyingly poor range of modern handsets has been pulling out the stops recently.

For instance, recently, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw they were selling Sony Ericsson K800s. It used to take quite a while for T-Mobile to get out the new handsets in comparison to the likes of Vodafone or o2. They were always good with Windows Mobile, but it was the Nokias and Sony Ericssons and Samsungs of this world that a lot of consumers wanted to see.

Anyway all that disappears into the mud with the news that T-Mobile are to launch the N95. In January 2007! Gosh.


Now this is an exciting move. The N95 is a multimedia computer! That’s what we’re callin’ these things now. It’s just about as far away from your standard Nokia Christmas-Cracker cheapo handset that you can get. Combine this handset with an unlimited data service plan with which T-Mobile is now justly famous…. and good things begin to happen.

Quoting from the Nokia N95 site:

It’s GPS. It’s a photo studio. It’s a mobile disco. It’s the world wide web. It’s anything you want it to be. Explore the internet with 3.5G ease. Navigate the world with interactive maps and purchasable local city guides. Download your favorite music tracks. And capture it all with 5 megapixel clarity and Carl Zeiss optics. Experience the true power of multimedia computing with the Nokia N95 multimedia computer.

In case you missed it, Rafe at All About Symbian had the full gossip on the N95 on the 26th of September.

So can get the N95 on contract with T-Mobile.

Useful, eh? Useful as my contract’s ready for renewal, baby…………..

By Ewan

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6 replies on “T-Mobile UK to launch Nokia N95 in January. OOOOH baby!”

No, I haven’t made this up — I’ve seen the documentation and on it, the release date is ‘January 2007’.

I workfor a large uk dealer and i have been informed of a release date of early march so i cant see what you know that i dont, ah and arnt we half way through January already,
P/s just got off the phone with T – Mobile comercials dept and they have confirmed release early March

The dealer documentation and price list lists it as Jan availability maybe you just took this for red.

T- mobile part number for the N95 is 300003186

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