If you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket..

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There’s been an interesting debate going on here about whether we should stop talking about that new touchscreen phone thing. As I promised I wouldn’t mention it for a little while, I’ll have to leave it to work out what I’m talking about.

Anyway, our very own Krystal waved this link in front of me last night, so I thought I’d share it.

Once you’ve finished reading that, head on over to here.

We cannot, obviously, be held responsible for any unnecessary expenditure you make after reading this article. However, there’s got to be at least one person out there reading this that can’t supress the urge to go shopping.

Meanwhile, if you do feel you’re becoming addicted to the concept of having a shiny new iPhone cos it makes the second coming of jesus look like a BBC1 teatime repeat mobile from a company named after a fruit that you’ll get bored of quite easily, head over to The Inquirer and have a chuckle at their six-step recovery programme.

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That article is wrong, the phone activation server software they are talking about ONLY UNLOCKS THE IPOD functionality and does nothing to remove the SIM lock.

As per most smartphones these days they can (architecturally speaking) be thought of as two distinct devices. The PDA and the Radio (ie: phone).. cracking the PDA OS to unlock the iPod functionality is one thing, cracking the radio firmware to remove the SIM lock is a very different task. Having said that, the first step to cracking the radio firmware is cracking the OS gets you a big step closer to being able to access the radio.

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