Cellphones as wallets?

Cellphones as wallets? RBC, Visa test mobile technology

Royal Bank of Canada and Visa Canada announced Thursday they are testing technology that would allow people to use their cellphones as electronic wallets.

The bank and credit card company said they are launching an Ontario-based pilot project, to be conducted in three stages in 2008, that would allow consumers to simply swipe their phone in front of a scanner to make simple purchases.

See I told you! Canada is catching on!

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I’m going to have to make a trip to Canada…lots of good technology and innovation. Can’t wait to use my cell phone as a credit card. Cash, Change, Cards, Keys = Bulk. I hate bulk. Low profile baby, that’s how I roll.

em, maybe I’m missing something but what happens if you lose your phone?

Can the person who has taken it run up loads of less than £10 purchases (uk users) before its reported?

Can you imagine if you could buy beer with it? No one would put their mobile on the bar ever again !

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