UK market permanently screwed by premium rate scandals

The top chap at interactive production company, Endemol, was quoted in today’s Guardian saying that the recent premium rate scandals have permanently damaged the market in the UK. I’m not surprised given the amount of newspaper and TV headlines about it. That sort of thing gets into the consumer mindset very quickly and is extremely hard to change.

Link: Call-TV scandals have damaged UK market, says Endemol group boss | Media | Guardian Unlimited

The chairman and chief executive of the Endemol group has said the recent scandals surrounding participation TV have permanently damaged the market in the UK.

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2 replies on “UK market permanently screwed by premium rate scandals”

Saying things like that permanently damage the market!

Obviously the scandals are a set back, but it would be better to get more media coverage saying “1 step back, 2 steps forward”.

with negative talk like that to national newspapers how on earth does this “top chap” expect the industry to pull back. Maybe in these cases it is best he just shut up and hand over to his PR people who can explain to the country in that lovely glossy way that only they can why premium sms has had afew teething problems but has an exciting new future, etc, etc.

In the SME world, iTAGG are finding more and more businesses excited about the use of premium SMS. Well they were until they picked up a copy of todays Guardian!

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