This piece of sex just arrived

nokia n95 8gb

It’s not often that I’d describe a mobile handset as ‘a piece of sex’ — indeed, it’s probably a silly thing to do in the heat of the moment. Reading through some parts of the SMS Text News Annual 2007, I sometimes have to quickly flick a page out of embarrassment (especially when I’m sounding off about some issue or other).

This evening I took delivery of a new Nokia N95 8GB.

I’ve got a history of going-off-on-one about Nokia. I sometimes get a bit despondent when it comes to their (apparent) lack of innovation. That viewpoint is, of course, entirely subjective. I am annoyed, for example, that my mother was able to pick up an iPhone and start using it immediately — and that we didn’t even THINK about giving her a Nokia. It would have been lost on her. However, the company continues to hoover up market share, particularly in the newer markets around the world.

The N95 8GB is a joy. It’s what the N95 should have been. Better, faster and… yes… very, very sexy. (The N96 looks even better.)

I’m off to go and load it up with applications and play.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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whilst that does indeed look like a piece of sex i agree that i would deeply love to see Nokia produce something completely off the wall for once, something totally different. that would be a whole sex. In fact if handsets were sex the iphone would be a beautiful but expensive blonde who you had to marry after you did it once, Sony Ericsson (Walkman series) would be a 30 year old desperately looking for a toyboy to experiment on and Nokia would be a cold faced 40 year old in a turtleneck who likes sex in the missionary position. But goes like a rocket.

I’ve been using one of these for a few weeks now. I’d held off the first N95 because there were too many niggles (in my mind) over battery life and build quality. The 8GB I love – a real step on from my trusted N73. Feels like quality and has tonnes of memory (and it’s my first wi-fi phone, which is a joy). But – there always is one – there are some software issues that need sorting by an update. For instance, I can’t press and hold 1 call my answerphone, it temporarily bricks the thing requiring a battery removal. It also has a tendency to report the memory full (like the underpowered N73 did) when that’s total tosh because there’s about 70MB of RAM doing nothing. I suspect this is down to individual bits of software but it’s damned annoying, especially when the browser refuses to load – and that’s part of the furniture!

All-in-all though I love it. Be interested to see how it beds in with you Ewan… (returning to the sex theme)

Guys, Linda Lusardi is sexy. This is a phone. You’ll be laughed at if you try anything with it!

And possibly arrested!


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