RumourMill: iPhone Nano arrival gathers Christmas weight


News has reached us from the phone accessory case maker XSKN’s website and via TrustedReviews the iPhone Nano could be a reality after all. As the well known company has started making and selling cases for that exact handset.

Since the beginning of time, well, the last few months really, rumour of a new Apple phone has come to light. In keeping with the existing iPod range, the Nano model being their smallest has been attached to this speculative concept.

Although to be entirely honest the Shuffle is the smallest, but who in their right mind would buy and use a screen-less key-less mobile. Hence, the Nano being the next obvious choice in the iPhone’s lineage naming.

XSKN a popular maker of cases for mobiles now has a range of cases especially designed to fit the iPhone Nano. A plethora of ‘masks’ can be seen on their site, all adding to the possibility of the new phone being just around the corner.

What adds even more weight to the expected news of the Nanos arrival is that you can already buy the cases, even before the phone has been official announced or even confirmed by Apple.

With Mac World being only a few weeks away, the likelihood of the handset being unveiled seems a distinct possibility after all. And with 17 different styles of the casing’s finishes to choose from, you’ll be hard pushed not to believe the phone will be here soon.

Either way they could just be hedging their bets here, or they know something that we don’t know we should know but have known about the knowing all along.

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