Nokia N900 and BBC iPlayer – it’s bad news folks!

I’ve had a LOT of email from people asking me to try the Nokia N900 out with the BBC iPlayer. My expectations were high… but wait ’til you see the experience in the browser. It’s bad news.

I think we’ll need to hope the BBC release a stand-alone app for the N900 — that’ll work perfectly fine I’m sure.

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By Ewan

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7 replies on “Nokia N900 and BBC iPlayer – it’s bad news folks!”

Matt, doesn't work because the system (I assume) doesn't detect an iPhone/iPod Touch as a browser.

The main site works — badly. The N900 can't cope with the desktop UI… the sound is brilliant, it's the picture that suffers. You get roughly one frame every 2-3 seconds. If they made a Maemo app, it'd be fine I'm sure.

hi there..
do you know what version of flash player u need for the bbc iplayer to play properly??
as the n900 is limited to the flash player 9.02?! maybe there are some probs with the versions.

how does the n900 perform with a high def video played from the internal storage?

greetings from germany

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