This iOS 5 update will delete all of your apps, media and purchases… thanks

This is not quite the message I wanted to receive when I clicked ‘update’ on iTunes here in Houston this afternoon:

Screen Shot 2011 10 12 at 13 08 26

Apparently it’s going to kill everything on the phone apart from the contacts and email messages. Joy.

Hardly useful when I’m thousands of miles away from my main computer. I think I’ll need to wait a few weeks before upgrading my main iPhone. I can’t afford the disruption. Plus it’s not as if I can ‘re-download’ the movies. At least, not yet.

I have, however, brought my Orange iPhone 4 that I use for testing — so I shall be updating that one. Although I’ve just realised that’s got a whole TV series on it that I was planning on watching. Typical. I’ll give that some thought.

Meanwhile, have you done the update to iOS 5? Are you liking it?

Update: I tried to upgrade the Orange phone — that didn’t go too well:

Screen Shot 2011 10 12 at 13 51 20

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I’ve seen reviews saying it’s required to download iTunes 10.5, do a full sync, backup, and transfer purchases, then upgrade.  I’m doing it right now on a machine I don’t normally sync with.  Wish me luck.

Did you get the “Purchased” tab in your App Store, like on the iPad?  That should make it easier to restore your apps form the iCloud, at least.

I do have the purchased tab, aye, Matthew — just, since I’ve downloaded so many hundreds of apps across the years, trying to get the ones I want will be a bit annoying. Anyway.. I’m going to do an upgrade too. Let me know how you get on!

My upgrade failed quite a few times and now it seems to be working. Did a restart on the MacBook Pro and reset the iPhone before it actually worked.

Well I have all my apps on itunes and hopefully they will stay there. I am still downloading the update, what about you Ewan?

I recently bought an Imac and my iphone was synched with my old macbook. So I just authorized the itunes on my imac, transfer all the purchases from the iphone and now hopefully after installing the IOS 5 all the apps will stay in Itunes. The only problem is I have to reorganize all the folders again!

Yeah, same here.  I haven’t upgraded yet, still trying to get a full sync.  But my app perfected folders are totally blown.

Hopefully this will be the last time though, with iCloud and all.

You do realize that this is the way iTunes has updated/synced every device since the original iPod? You can only sync your iOS/iPod with one iTunes account on one computer so trying to update your device on another computer will, even with the same account, will delete all your current settings.

I should have read the entire message,  I assumed my new computer would back up everything. I “deauthorized” the HP touch smart I used to sync with, bought a MacBook Air, set up sync, run the update and poof, everything gone. WTF.  When you get rid of the primary computer, how do you set up a new primary computer.  In the simple world of Mac, I should have had the option to backup and restore my iPhone on any of my remaining 4 authorized computers.  oops.

Hi! Everyone..
I just installed the update of IOS5 on my Iphone4 and lost all the apps… Im pulling all my hair out bcoz of this stupid update. Also i didnt find it anything great abt it . No Imessage got installed … Iam really ruing over wat i did…  

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