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Google Pixel vs iPhone 7

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7

It is no secret that Google and Apple have been rivals in the mobile industry for a long time. Android and iOS are the two market leaders in market share and revenue, after all. However, that rivalry has probably never been more relevant than today. The Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 debate is far more […]

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iOS iPhone

Getting Started with: iOS

Apple’s iOS and the devices it accompanies are hugely important in the mobile market. Though its market share is more limited than its rival, Android, Apple’s platform is often more profitable. Most people should be familiar with at least one of Apple’s iOS products but today we will attempt to explore the platform and explain […]

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MWC 2017

MWC 2017 – What to expect

Barcelona will once again be hosting the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event run by the GSMA. Like it most often does, the MWC will start towards the end of February. To be more precise, the event will run from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March. Most big players of the mobile industry […]

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Smartphone History

The History of the Smartphone

Perhaps no other device in history has embedded itself in the lives of everyday consumers more than the smartphone. Ask almost anyone to forego their smartphone for a week and chances are that they’ll think you are insane. From chatting on Facebook to checking work email and receiving directions to ordering food, smartphones are used […]

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Vine shuts down amidst growing concerns over Twitter

Vine, the video app that allowed users to create looping snippets of video, has been officially shut down by Twitter. The parent company was quick to explain that existing Vines, the six-second ‘gifs with sound’ that popularized the service, will remain available. Twitter apparently wishes to keep that piece of its history alive as a […]

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Smart Clothing

Iot & Wearables: Smart Clothing

We are pleased to introduce one of our new content series, ‘IoT & Wearables’. Once considered mere gimmicks, the two closely interconnected industries are now steadily penetrating the everyday consumer market. From smartwatches to smart clothing socks that can trace your steps and thermostats you can control from your car, there’s a gadget for everyone […]

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Apps World London

Apps World round-up

The annual conference of Apps World is one of the most exciting places to be when it comes to mobile applications. Industry professionals offer their knowledge in regards to app conceptions, investments, planning, and management. Existing developers and people who aspire to get into the field attended the 2016 event in London by the hundreds. […]

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macOS Sierra vs Windows 10

macOS Sierra vs Windows 10

Welcome to another one of our new content series, the ‘Versus’ battles. This new series will aim to look at some of the biggest rivalries and competitions of the tech world and let you decide the winners. Though we will try to be as unbiased and objective as possible, personal comments and opinions may still […]

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NuGuard KX Case

Product Review: NuGuard KX Case for iPhone 7

Though I’ve never been too affectionate towards phone cases, my clumsiness demands sacrifices. On a weekly basis, I probably drop my phone more than six times on average. Obviously, that is not something to be particularly proud of. In contrast, it means that enclosing my phone in a case is virtually the only guaranteed way […]

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Getting Started with: Android

We are pleased to introduce another new content series, ‘Getting Started with…’. Because sometimes, becoming involved with a new piece of technology is daunting, this content series aims to provide a simple and accessible overview of various operating systems, gadgets, and software. As one of the two major competitors in the smartphone market, Android is present […]

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Google Pixel

Google bets a lot on new Pixel phones

While Android has expanded into a huge brand and into a big win for Google, the tech company has always struggled to spread strong roots in the hardware game. Its Nexus line frequently heralded some great devices but Google never invested 100 percent of its self into those phones. Whether they were made by LG […]

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