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1-800-FREE-411 Tells You How To Get There

1-800-FREE-411, from Jingle Networks, has announced a new partnership with Dial Directions that will allow their users to simply call in, give their current address and the destination, and receive an SMS with directions to their destination. The service is, as you might have guessed, free of charge, and will launch on March 1st in […]

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History Buffs Will Love Mobilized Museum On The Go

Museum On The Go is a content portal for mobile devices that serves up images and videos of museum objects. There are roughly 30 short video clips which have been specially formatted for mobile devices and show objects and fashion from ‘back in the day.’ The image collection includes images which can be downloaded to […]

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VITO Technology Turns 7, Offers Smartphone Software For $7

The clan over at VITO Technology have put together plenty of great smartphone apps, for all OS’s. Their Windows Mobile hits include VITO Button Mapper, VITO Voice2Go, and VITO Zoomboard, while the Symbian side was blessed with VITO QuickContact and VITO Metronome. They’ve been doing their thing for 7 years, and decided to celebrate by […]

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An Entire Mobile Phone Through The Browser

The S60 Blogs are a source of all types of information, from application betas to marketing thoughts, and every now and again, a gem such as this post from Peter Harbeson. As a bit of an experiment, using his S60 handset, he wanted to see just how much he could do with his phone using […]

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Relevantis Puts Advertisers On The Map

Relevantis, a Washington-based mobile advertising company, has unveiled its newest product, offering on-map icons for advertisers. The technology will work on both mobile phone based and stand-alone GPS systems, but could also make an appearance on desktop or online mapping services, as well. Advertisers pay a little extra to have a pretty icon show up […]

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Search-To-Phone Saves Time, Gives Leads, Gets Funding

Boulder, CO based Search-To-Phone has received a nice strategic investment from Gold Systems, Inc, also located in Boulder. No doubt they’re having a fun pizza party up there in Colorado to celebrate. Search-To-Phone makes it quick, easy, and convenient for consumers to find the best service for a specific category of vendors. To use Search-To-Phone, […]

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WiMax-enabled Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Could Hit CTIA

Over at Tablet-Guru, they’ve spotted an ad in the February edition of the Best Buy Mobile buyers guide showing a new color scheme for the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, in fashionable black, with orange keyboard backlights. If you’re not familiar with the Internet Tablets from Nokia, they’re small UMPCs powered by Maemo, a form of […]

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Sprint Set To Challenge The Rest In Limbo?

If you can think back to yesterday, all 4 of the U.S. carriers nearly simultaneously announced unlimited rate plans, ranging from voice only to voice, data, and messaging, and in price between $99 and $150/month. I noted that this was a huge deal for the U.S. market, as the carriers have basically relegated themselves into […]

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Top Six Ways N-Gage Could Be Like iPhone Games

Nokia’s N-Gage platform has taken its sweet time coming to market, and I think most were surprised to not see the platform officially released at the Game Developers Conference this week, where Nokia’s head of Multimedia Anssi Vanjoki gave a keynote speech. James Burland, at Nokia Creative, was able to spend a few minutes chatting […]

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How Technology Helps Us Work

The New York Times has an interesting article today on how technology has been a blessing to workers for decades. Obviously it has made our jobs easier in terms of actually getting work done, but this piece focuses on how technology has helped us get through the work day, or made work more bearable. One […]

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Pre-Installed Games Are A Big Hit

In another ‘duh’ moment, M:Metrics has been keeping track of mobile gaming lately, and found that 75% of the nearly 100 million people they surveyed throughout Western Europe and the U.S. who played a game on their handsets, found that game pre-installed on their phone. Meanwhile, a respectable 38.5 million mobile gamers had downloaded a […]

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MobilePeople Gets It With Local Contextual Ads

I’m honestly very skeptical of mobile advertising, unless it takes advantage of the key difference between mobile and stationary – location. Hence, I’m pretty impressed with MobilePeople’s announcement yesterday of their new liquid Advertising Suite. Made up of three parts – the liquid Ad Server, Adsite Builder, and SMS Links, the suite is fully integrated […]

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