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The mobile revolution is changing how we work

As consumers, mobility and smartphones have undoubtedly changed our lives, with more than 90% of the British population owning a mobile phone. Most adults in the UK use a smartphone, mainly for personal activities like checking email, surfing the web, and online shopping, but organisations are also being revolutionised by the proliferation of mobile devices. The […]

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Sonos Audio System

Critical kit: the Sonos wireless music system

As part of a regular new content series, we aim to cover some of the essential tech and seriously cool items that you can easily buy in the UK. For the first article, we’ll take a brief look at a product that enables music lovers to stream high quality audio around the house, all controlled by a smartphone or tablet. Sonos makes […]

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Smartphone Piggybank

Gemalto study finds young people love mobile banking

It’s no surprise that the younger generation are keen users of mobile banking, considering the benefits it offers and the prevalence of smartphones among the age group. Gemalto recently conducted a study (“An international study of youth attitudes to banking and online banking services.”) to find out more, polling more than a thousand people aged 16-24 using online […]

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Wearables Main Pic

Wearables Wednesday: the Apple Watch (again)

You may not be aware that today is “Wearables Wednesday”, which means covering a relevant piece of wearable tech, gadget or news item. To kick things off, even though most tech sites on the planet have already contributed thousands of lines of opinion about this particular device, I feel the Apple Watch is an unavoidable first topic, simply because it […]

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Yes, the mainstream retail experience is still really rubbish

I’m back in London now, if you haven’t been following my updates on LinkedIn. Being back in London means I am now once again being exposed to all manner of excitements and frustrations, rather than simply driving to Swindon every day and having a pleasant experience at the hands of BaxterStorey’s finest. This evening I […]

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App Store

Apps that changed the world…

In the first of several posts, we take a look at mobile apps that changed the world in one way or another, for better or worse. There are dozens of apps that could lay claim to having changed the world or had a far-reaching impact – some of these are simply mobile versions of websites, perhaps Facebook or Twitter for […]

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mobile phone with shopping cart in jeans pocket

How mobile is revolutionising shopping

Over the past few years, the way we communicate has been revolutionised by advances in mobile technology, and the ubiquity of smartphones and other devices. The way we shop has also changed forever, as retailers embrace new ways to optimise their products, and shoppers use these tools to research, compare and purchase goods. Mobile has benefits for […]

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Live Chat Keyboard

TalkTalk focuses on improving chat-based customer service

It’s rarely a pleasure calling customer services for any company – long delays, a poor quality connection, and inevitably not achieving what you were trying to do in the first place. British MVNO operator TalkTalk seems to have recognised this, having conducted a customer behaviour survey that concluded that subscribers “increasingly prefer to self-serve online”, although there is […]

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Subrah Iyar

My Top 7 apps: Subrah Iyar of Moxtra

Here we are with another Top 7 apps. This week we have Subrah Iyar, CEO of Moxtra. Moxtra is a mobile collaboration service for teams & projects. Moxtra is driven by a powerful cloud collaboration platform which enables project spaces called Moxtra Binders. Moxtra’s Binder capabilities include powerful text, voice, and multimedia chat capabilities, rich visual […]

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