Apple Watch Health Apps

So, who got an Apple Watch this morning?

My social channels are filled with shots of shiny new Apple Watches on very proud wrists. Sadly, I had no signal for 30-40 minutes on the pre-order morning and missed Apple’s artificial deadline to get the device today. 馃槈 I have to say that the photos I am seeing are showing off the Watch in […]

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Xiaomi Mi Note

The best smartphone you’ve never heard of – Xiaomi’s Mi Note

The smartphone industry undergoes huge changes every few years, and even one-time giants have sadly been dethroned:聽Sony has almost given up on smartphones, HTC is struggling, and Nokia,聽once the largest phone manufacturer聽in the world, exited the business last year. But against all the odds, there are several innovative聽young companies that have beaten the聽odds and achieved […]

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Anker Astro Mini

Critical Kit: Anker Astro Mini ultra-compact power bank

In this聽edition of our Critical Kit series, we take a quick look at an聽essential mobile accessory聽that聽anyone聽who owns a聽smartphone should find聽immensely useful – an external battery pack to charge your phone聽and get you through the day when you’re precariously low on juice. Can you last all day without a recharge? There’s nothing worse than your phone’s […]

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Mobile Payments - mPOS

Apple Pay will heat up European mobile payments battle, mobile operators must respond to stay relevant

With Apple Pay and other mobile wallets gaining momentum, it seems that mobile operators face increasing challenges in staying relevant in terms of our mobile money. After all, would you rather use a payments service from Apple or Vodafone? A new report from聽IHS Technology聽highlights the very fact that Apple Pay and others are expanding internationally […]

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Apple Watch on Display

Wearables Wednesday: anticipating the Apple Watch

It’s Wearables Wednesday again, and once more, it’s unfortunately almost impossible聽this month without mentioning the elephant in the room – the Apple Watch. So once again聽we have succumbed to the temptation to add to the countless thousands of pages written about Apple’s newest聽device. And with聽only 9聽days until the watch ships聽(preorders started聽on Friday, 10th April),聽let’s examine […]

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Twitter Main Pic

Apps that changed the world: Twitter

In our series in apps that changed the world, perhaps the most聽obvious candidates are social media sites and apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Twitter has arguably had more of an impact on the way we use our mobiles, and reporting and influence on world events, so without further ado here’s a brief rundown of […]

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Smartwatch and Phone

The wearables boom is all about the wrist

A boom in wearables? Since the tablet market has decline somewhat in recent years, many people have predicted wearables to be the net big thing in the technology and mobile industry. With the Apple Watch about to go on sale today, all the signs are pointing to a growing market and increased interest among consumers. […]

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Woman on Mobile Surprised

9 urban myths about mobile phones

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few common (and many聽astoundingly unbelievable) urban myths about mobile phones. There聽have been lots of great stories and misconceptions about mobiles over the past few years,聽so here’s just a quick summary of the best… Mobile phone urban myths 1.聽Using a mobile in low light can聽cause聽damage to your […]

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NEC e606 Main Pic

Classic Handsets: the NEC e606 heralded 3G video calls

In another of our “classic handset” series, we take a brief look at聽another handset of yesteryear and sprinkle in a聽few insights into the chosen phone from my personal experiences. In this聽instalment we focus聽on聽one of the very first 3G handsets that launched in the UK on Three: the almost universally hated NEC e606聽flip phone. The NEC […]

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Mobile Phone and Travel

Mobiles are revolutionising the way we travel

In another of our “how mobiles are revolutionising…” series, we briefly consider聽how聽smartphones and mobile technology is聽changing every aspect of travel – for example from聽booking flights聽to hailing聽a cab in a strange city,聽finding a restaurant to聽unlocking your hotel room door wirelessly. There’s practically聽nothing travel-related that聽hasn’t been touched by the mobile revolution. It wasn’t so long ago that […]

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Tidal Celebrities

Tidal enters the crowded music streaming scene

Last week, some of the聽biggest music industry stars came out on stage to announce the launch (though it was actually a relaunch) of Tidal, a new music streaming service that supports a lossless, high quality format aimed at audiophiles.聽The announcement involved stars such as Madonna, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Jack White, who signed a declaration […]

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