HOT: Mobileglu integrates flickr,, and your RSS feeds into your mobile handset

BURNING hot in the middle of sunny England is Mobileglu from the makers of BuddyPing

I often walk about this world thinking that many people in the mobile industry are on a different planet.  When I see new product offerings I’m often staggered that people would let it go live let alone have the confidence to call it revolutionary, or worse, call it a mobile portal ("walled garden") and expect you to pay £3 to view some busty babe.  Stupid ideas inhabit the planet and the industry and wind me up something chronic. 

So it’s with delight that I got a mail from Justin pointing out the existence of Mobileglu.  There’s nothing to see quite yet, but don’t think this is vapourwear at all.  I witnessed the sheer speed and quality of the development that went into BuddyPing over the past months so if that’s anything to go by, Mobileglu should be really exciting to behold.

The thing I find most exciting is the way in which Justin and his team are able to get inside the mind of a mobile user and understand what they want.  This is not design by comittee.  What’s more, they take your feedback and act upon it.  The next day. 

So picking this text from the Mobileglu homepage:

Do you ever wish you had access to your life on the web on your mobile in one place ?



mobileglue brings together, flickr,, and all
your feeds into one mobile application? mobileglu does it all for you:

Oooh baby

  • mobileglue will pull the data from your flickr, and del.ici.ous accounts
  • after optimising the data, it will then present it using a little java application on your phone
  • and it doesn’t cost a penny!

I can’t wait to see it.

Visit and register your email to be notified when there’s something to see! 

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