HOT: o2 business give unlimited calls to other o2 users for £20/month

Another hot one for today.  So I’m not an o2 user.  I don’t know anyone who uses o2.  That’s apparently 15 million people who I don’t know at all.  Weird, eh?  I’m sure someone in my address book actually uses o2, but I’m not aware of it. 

Anyway I thought it was time to mark this as a hot service:  o2 business will allow you unlimited calls to anyone else on o2 for just £21.91 a month.  I imagine that’s excluding VAT.

I’m marking this as hot because of what it represents.  I really don’t think any of us should be paying per minute charges to talk to someone else on our supplier’s network.  Not when wi-fi and voip are catching up quick.  When London’s completely wi-fi, I’ll be the one walking about with a voip handset paying nothing per minute to talk to my colleagues instead of paying upwards of 50p a minute on some service plans.

I like the way the market is moving.  I’m waiting for the other networks to follow suit.  Otherwise I’m swapping myself and everyone I know to o2. 

All the details on the o2 unlimited service plan: Here

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