HOT: Tom Baker voicing BT’s text to landline service

I had to do another note on BT’s recently upgraded SMS to landline service.  I was listening to the Chris Moyles podcast last night ( and they’d sent a few texts to a landline and recorded Tom Baker’s voice delivering the message.

It is officially a hot service!

Hats off to the folks at BT.  It’s phenomenally good, really well pronounced and delivered.  Previously, with that robotic woman, you could basically make out the message but you had to listen carefully.  Now, the new service with Dr Who (or, if you like, the guy from Little Britain) voicing, it’s phenomenally good quality.  REALLY good. 

All you have to do is send a text to a landline number and it’ll be converted and automatically read by Tom Baker. 

The only trouble: Well… as a Little Britain fan, I’m now used to Tom Baker’s voice delivering the commentary for the show.  So it’s quite funny to get a text from him.  Heh.  Excellent service.

I will need to try it and see if they’ve got it saying "Ewan" properly (i.e. "Youan").  If I’m texting anyone’s landline, I’ve always written my name ‘Youan’ just in case it read it out as Eeeee-wan.  Which isn’t the way to go.

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