Safe Talk offers anonymous divert mobile numbers

Link: Safe Talk – your anonymous private phone number – diverts to your mobile.

It’s simple – text CALL to 80876 and get a temporary number
that diverts to your mobile phone for 7 days, and keep your own number safe – until you know if they’re nuts or not!

Really smart – I like the concept of this one.  I came across it after Springwise did a note on them today. It only costs £1.50 for the text. 

I can imagine, if they could get the Scott Mills team at BBC Radio1, it could become a related feature to the Flirt Divert service they offer!

More at


  1. Gizmodo - May 10, 2006

    Safe Talk – Temporary Phone Number

    Safe Talk is a new service in the UK that allows you to generate a temporary phone number to use for 7 days to give to people you don’t trust/know. It’s simple – text CALL to 80876 and get a…

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