Rockin’ and rolling

I’m back. Normal service resumes.

It’s been a total arse not having proper internet connections. The hotel I booked had free internet access which required a wire. I arrived and stared with disappointment at the ‘No wireless networks found’ message on the laptop before noticing the RJ45 port on the wall by the phone.

A quick scan of the hotel welcome pack and I found that I had to request a networking cable from reception.

Gahhhh. Get to reception: Guess what? The one cable they had was on loan to another guest.

The Vodafone 3g card is ok. It’s just — well, I need my internet connection to function faster than my brain, otherwise my thoughts start bumping into each other. The next day I managed to obtain a 10ft RJ45 cable from the fnmac store on Rue D’Antibes in down town Cannes. Plugged it into the cable point when I got back to the hotel.

No signal.

What a total arse.

The NEXT day I managed to get them to give me another room for the evening that had a working internet connection. I seriously under estimated just how critical an always-on connection is to my ability to transact business (and blogging).

Got quite a back log…. standby!

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