Channel4, Minick & the Big Brother text vote scandal

Link: The Sun Online – Big Brother: BB faces �3m refund bill.
Well spotted by Alex — this one has been brewing for a few days — but you have to get serious when The Sun gets hold of it and starts USING capital LETTERS together with BOLD.

They’re outraged — so are some of Channel4’s Big Brother audience. Here’s why:

So, you voted a ton of people out of Big Brother because you didn’t like them, right? You sent loads and loads of premium 50p (+ your standard network rate) vote messages to kick those you didn’t like out!

Wooo! You were successful! You and a few other people got [insert name here] voted out.

All is good. Your transaction is complete.

However, in what I can only imagine to be a bid to increase ratings, Channel4 announced that some of the evicted housemates will be put up to another vote (50p a go, please) to see which one(s) will be returned to the house.

Cue questions being asked. Cue horror from The Sun. Cue regulator panic.

CHANNEL 4 faces a MULTI-MILLION pound bill after watchdogs said angry Big Brother fans could be refunded phone-vote cash.

The premium-rate phone regulator ICSTIS is studying 2,700 complaints over BB plans to allow evicted housemates back on the show.
Furious fans are demanding their money back after voting people out — and Channel 4 could be forced to pay back £3MILLION.

This will be an interesting one to watch, especially for mobile services company Minick sat in the middle.

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