Scotrail finally puts UK out of misery: First with SMS ticketing

Link: Mobile Marketing Magazine: First Scotrail First with SMS Ticketing.
After years of reading about how every other country in the world seems to have managed to develop SMS ticketing for rail travel, FINALLY ScotRail does the decent thing and launches the facility.

First ScotRail has become the first UK train operator to offer its customers the option of buying rail tickets by SMS.

A lot more details on the Mobile Marketing Mag site. To be clear, you’re not *buying* the ticket via mobile — you get your details sent to your phone after you’ve purchased so you don’t need to faff around with a ticket to board the train.

By the way, i thought I’d have a look and see how much these ‘bargain berths’ were (featured in the story).

The last time (3 months or so ago) I thought of travelling to Scotland, I looked well in advance and found it was almost 200 pounds to get from London to Edinburgh.

Well, you can leave London at 11pm and arrive in Edinburgh at 7am the next morning and pay £29 (one way). That’s pretty neat! Very reasonable. I’m not quite clear on what ‘bargin’ means — I wonder if you have to share with 6 hairy miners or something.

I think I’ll stick with EasyJet 😉

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