T-Mobile: Unlimited calls/texts to other T-Mobile users – £5 for 5 days

mates rates five day pass

mates rates five day pass
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I had to put the whole detail there in the headline. It was too good to split up.

Phil Lattimore over at Total Mobile posted a note about T-Mobile’s mates rates pass earlier this week.

It’s a pretty cool deal for Pay As You Go customers. Here’s how it works: You pay five pounds. For the next five days, you can send unlimited texts and make unlimited calls (fair use) to anyone on T-Mobile.

When the five days are up, you can pay another £5 and get another 5 days of unlimited usage….

Theoretically that means that you could do this 6 times a month and get unlimited calls and texts — costing you a very reasonable £30 a month. Or, another way to look at it, unlimited usage of the T-Mobile network for a quid a day.

Very cool.

Have a look at the details: T-Mobile Mates Rates five day pass

Alas this is just yet another reason as to why I feel a plonker sat here with a T-Mobile *contract* that offers no such wickedly cool deals. Hmph.

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22 replies on “T-Mobile: Unlimited calls/texts to other T-Mobile users – £5 for 5 days”

together with Vodafones recent “£5 for your little family unit of 4 to all call each other” deal; this shows how desperate operators are becoming to get more customers signed up.

Because a quick survey in our little office and only Mark could go on to this £5 pass; but he doesnt know anybody else on t mobile…so he would first have to tell all his mates to switch network. I think t mobile/vodafone are massively over-estimating how likely this is gonna be. Why would I switch from my voda contract just for a gimmick which will be surpassed next month with another totally different deal.

my t mobile rating will be going down tomorrow…7/10 for trying; 3/10 for execution; 10/10 for desperation


I really like this 5 day pass from T-mobile but the only problem is that T-mobile doesnt have the pull of people like it did in the pass- there was a time when almost everyone was on T-mobile network- but now most people including my self are on another network. So it may seem like a bargin but whos on T-mobile anymore?

Great to have, but if you are like me trying to get your next bundle of 5 days pass between midnight and 5am it is impossible to get through. You can’t get your pass till 7-7.30am the next day. Any hard and fast rules on this people? I am getting really annoyed

when i call 879 it doesnt work it just says sorry……try agen later. why dont it work coz it used 2 work before. can any1 help coz i need da 5 day pass

first you’ve gotta switch to Mates Rates on T-Mobile, then simply top up 5 pounds (150) then phone 879 and keep pressing 1 till the lady shuts up and takes your money, then your free to go Crazy!

I love the 5 day pass, pretty much everyone i know is or has switched over to T-Mobile in the last month or so, its the best thing since sliced bread!

The five day pass doesn’t work anymore it says online text and calls to people who are on a holiday nathing more can enyone please help cause everyone loves the five day pass on t-mobile fix it for everyone please have a nice day

HELP!! i want a 5 day pass but some people say it doesnt work till the next morning, is this true? so if i want it in time for next friday, should i buy the pass on the thursday? (you can buy it at the sweet shop right?) also i cant find anything about the 5 day pass on the t-mobile website, could anyone pleeease please help me out?

t-mob are con artists, the rasclart 879 ting is notfunctioning right and it says to buy £12 tex bundle press 1 and usually i jus press 1 three times and im through to get the 5 day pass but now the automated system ain working they wanna charge me 25p to connect to an advisor? so where does that leave me when i want to buy the 5day pass?… fu@ked!!! coz i’ll have to to top up another £5 to receive it after charging me the 25p. some rasclart joke. t-mobile fe get done out!!!!! BULLET BULLET BULLET BULLET!!!!!!!

on the 16th of july its going up to 7.50 to get the pass.. that means you gotta top up 10 pound 2 get it!

5day pass is shiit!!
10pounds?? wdff!!!
im not payiin that mucch! only 4 five days!!
im moving on 2 vodaphone!!!
im gona do that family thing were u only need 4people and 1person has 2 pay a month!

i can’t really believe how t-mobile could turn the 5 day pass from £5 to £7.50
it’s not fair and t-mobile is loosing costomers than before
to tell you the truth some of my mates are deprest because they used to do 5 day pass every week because they could afford it but now they can’t afford it and can’t do 5 day pass wich means they can’t keep in contact with other mates.
it’s not only me who hates the way it isbut there is other people
please i hope you change it

its not fare im not rich u no i used to always do it n now its lyk i neva do it cos i hav 2 fo £10 at least if it was 4 7 days dat wud b worth it for 7.50 but no its now officiay so crap!!

t mobile are cons! if there gna bump the price up they might as well do d pass 4 7 days! im gna switch 2 vodafone, atleast their offer is better!!!!!!!!! £7.50 for 5 days, dnt tink so!!!!!!

well to anyone out their lol i jst wanna say t-mobile is working well. . . so far im getting good service and on top of that i got another day of free calls and text for 5 day pass so basically they gave me extra day for my 5 day pass which is really good and im just lucky hahaha!!! thanks a lot t-mob and God blesS =p

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