Sun hack spends 10 minutes trying to open the LG Shine


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Up in Scotland at the moment, right? Supposedly on holiday but working like crazy, despite the lack of T-Mobile signal.

I’m up in a big house with friends.

One of these friends is a Sun hack. Well, that’s an affectionate term. She oversees one area of The Sun’s online operations.

Her eyes lit up when she saw the LG Shine on the rustic wooden table here in the kitchen.

“Ooooh what’s this?” she asked.

I showed her the mirrored screen and she was extremely impressed. The handset was closed so she set about trying to open it. Interestingly, she’s always used candybar start handsets — Sony Ericssons and Nokias — so she was completely unfamiliar with the sliding mechanism.

She almost pulled it apart trying to figure out how to open it. Eventually I stepped in and briefly demonstrated. By this time she was already in heaven. She loved all the little noises it made and, after another 10 minutes of exploring, promptly declared it was an excellent handset — in particular, ‘It seemed to know just what I wanted to do next,’ was her closing summary.

I asked her to consider borrowing the handset (which, I’m still borrowing from LG!) to see if she’d do a post-use review. I’m going to drop a note to LG and check they’re ok with this. Being such an enthusiastic admirer of the phone, I wonder how she’ll get on with it across a week or two.

By Ewan

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