Allfreecalls returns as Yak4ever

Cast your mind back to the first few weeks of January this year. Whilst most of us were recovering from the rather large financial (and health) dent of Christmas, SMS Text News regular Pat Phelan and his team of merry techies had just launched a service in the USA called Allfreecalls – which gave you free international┬ácalls to umpteen different countries. Finally, it looked like the big telco Goliaths had been felled by the entrepenerial Davids.

Then, something went a bit wonky. The Goliaths woke up, and realised that services like this were cutting into their traditionally high margins, and depriving them of their retirement homes by the sea and corporate jets – so they gave Allfreecalls 90 minutes to close the doors. And that, as they say, was that.

But wait, every cloud has a silver lining. Pat’s just been in touch to say that the service is back and firing on all cylinders – and it’s now called Yak4ever. It’s a simple to use service – just sign up for an account, register your 10 favourite overseas numbers, dial the access code, and voila – free international calls. No limits, no flaky call quality, no cut-off after an hour – in fact there appears to be no catches at all.

Incidently, you can use a similar service in the UK at or in Ireland head to

Someone buy that man a pint of Guinness! Well done Pat!

2 replies on “Allfreecalls returns as Yak4ever”

This sounds interesting. I heard about a “forwarding service” a few years back when I woked for MCI. I looked and it was shut down.
Now that I’m married, my spouse makes numerous calls to Canada and the Philippines. (As of now the Philippines is not on the calling list. Not surprising as they talk for hours at a stretch!) At least it will save a bit to the in-laws in Toronto.
I have a degree in “Consumer Affairs” (B.S. Kansas State University ’90) and think stickin’ it to the “Big Guys” is always good.
I do believe though that there should be a website in “American” English. It would just show that the company cares about us Yanks.
Thank you.

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