GPS Snitch Tracks Your Stolen Vehicle via SMS

Link: GPS Snitch Tracks Your Stolen Vehicle via SMS

This little gem can lie in wait just about anywhere inconspicuous in your car of truck, able to tell you when it’s been motion-activated or its security perimeter has been breached. No matter which setting you choose, you’ll get an update on your mobile, either a call or an SMS.

The Snitch has a GPS receiver and antenna, not to mention its own SIM card. That powerful connection allows you to track your vehicle online using interactive maps, ensuring that you can continue to see where your stolen vehicle is being taken—as long as the thieves don’t discover the Snitch, of course.

According to the article, the device itself costs $399.99 (about £200 at current exchange rates), with a $30 (£15) activation fee and monthly charges of up to $26 (£13) a month. Maybe not cost effective for cheaper cars, but if the thought of your Aston Martin or Ferrari being stolen keeps you awake at night, this looks like the gadget for you.

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