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Mobile Visions help ‘cell a house’

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Just had a quick note in from Greg at Mobile Visions in New Jersey, to say they’ve just launched their brand new service ‘Cell A House’. Once you’ve finished reading this and checking out the Cell A House site, have a look at this blog entry for a rant and ensuing discussions back in December about the subject of estate agents and mobile technology.

Home buyers who stop to look at a house for sale can send a text message to a 5 digit short code, and receive detailed information and pictures instantly to their mobile phone. Simultaneously, the selling agent is sent and email or text message with the phone number of the potential buyer.

Real estate agents simply log in at the Cell a House website to enter information about their homes for sale, and upload pictures. The service is based on a monthly subscription fee depending on the number of homes to be listed. Cell a House also includes free eye-catching lawn signs containing the home code to send the text message to.

Great stuff!

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It’s a good idea. My only worry is somebody who only wanted to be nosey about a property is now going to get a call from a real estate agent. They might be so shocked, they never use the service again.


For what it’s worth, we do have some “fine print” on the sign that says the seller’s representative might call with the requested info. 🙂

Some realtors are uncomfortable calling, so they don’t. But most think that getting the phone number is an incredible tool.

I just came from presenting at the National Association of Realtors show here in the U.S., and we were well received by the realtors. We have been in beta for a while and have not received any complaints from consumers. We have also not heard from any agents that consumers are getting upset when they call.

It’s very new here in the U.S. so time will tell.

Thanks for the posting Ewan!

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