Hanging out with the mobile geeks

I’m in the pub with James Whatley’s Facebook-based ‘Mobile Geeks of London’ group at the moment.

plenty to blog on later, including my first iPhone experience!

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damn, Ewan – I missed you! Was there at the start of the evening. Have to congratulate James for organising the evening. I look forward to the next one…

And the iPhone was orgasmic!


Great to see you there Alex, looking forward to catching with you on Thursday too.
Can’t believe how much of a success the night was – I even met Ewan’s “o2 chump” – lol!
Here’s to Mobile Geeks!

Here’s to many more…

PS – Big, HUGE thanks for the blog post from before – many attendees cited smstextnews as the reason they came along…
So yeah – I owe one of you a beer at least..

See you soon,


Hi guys,

@Rax: Ewan wasn’t there unfortunately, but I was – sorry we didn’t have time to chat. If we did and I’ve forgotten, my apologies 🙂

@James: No worries, thanks for a great evening.

Scuse the lack of a review of the night, it’s taking time to work out what I can blog about and what I can’t. If you were there and don’t mind me giving you a mention, drop me a brief note to (include a paragraph or two of what I can talk about too!) and I’ll give you a mention.

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