82ASK rebrands as Texperts

It’s official – after all the rumours and guessing, text-and-answer company 82ASK have rebranded themselves as Texperts. It’s not just a quick name change either – they’re splashing out £1m on a marketing campaign and have changed their shortcode to the rather cool and memorable 66000.

The new rebranded service costs just a quid, and gives you access to more than 200 Texperts from around the globe answering questions 24 hours a day on individual topics such as travel, restaurants, shopping, health, music and sport. Many of these are PhD students and even doctors and university lecturers.

Sarah McVittie, Texperts CEO, said, “We strongly believe people don’t want to waste time and effort using mobile search and feel that the Texperts have what it takes to get people the information they need on the go. The general public want the correct information delivered to them in a simple and timely manner, what better way to do this than by simply sending a trusted person a text question?

“We have seen impressive organic growth in the service recently from exactly this type of usage and with our planned marketing activities we hope to grow on this”.

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