fring gets Wi-Fi roaming upgrade

Mobile VOIP and messaging application fring has just got an upgrade – and now supports auto-roaming between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

fring auto-roaming enables all dual-mode fring users to automatically connect to recognised Wi-Fi or 3G networks without any manual involvement. If Wi-Fi is not available, fring accesses 3G/GPRS respectively. Unlike current standards, fring auto-roaming operates independent of network type and provider, and on any fring-supported handsets. This flexibility gives users the freedom and optimal experience to automatically roam between any available Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

‘Adding auto-roaming functionality is further proof of our commitment to providing the most feature rich, useful and dynamic mobile VoIP (mVoIP) service on the market,” said Avi Shechter, co-founder & CEO, fring. ‘Auto-roaming provides the optimal IP connectivity automatically, without any manual involvement, thus ensuring the best possible mobile internet-telephony experience for our users.”

While active, the auto-roaming for fring will constantly monitor the available wireless channels (3G and GPRS/CDMA and Wi-Fi that the user has previously logged into) and switch between them automatically based on their reception availability. Priority will always be given to the free Wi-Fi connections unless otherwise configured by the user. The handover between Wi-Fi and 3G channels takes place automatically without user involvement, when the user is not on a call. For example on entering their home, fring will identify the Wi-Fi zone and switch to it. All VoIP calls and chat will be made over this Wi-Fi connection within its reception area. If the user is on the move, the system will automatically switch the connection to 3G and maintain the user’s on-line availability. When the user enters their preconfigured office, favourite coffee shop or public Wi-Fi hotspot, fring will automatically switch again to the Wi-Fi connection.

fring is a free, downloadable mobile phone application enabling free mVoIP calls, real-time presence and live chat with multiple IM providers. Compatible with more than 350 mass-market mobile phones and PDAs, and operating over GPRS/EDGE/3G or a Wi-Fi connection, fring delivers real mobile independence. fring users or ‘fringsters” mVoIP communicate with other fring users, landline or cellular phones using SkypeOut and SIP providers as well as PC contacts through Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Twitter and ICQ, all through one integrated contact list.

Enhanced with real-time contact availability (presence), fring helps users choose the best call provider before dialling, based on the recipient’s availability, reception quality and call cost, among other factors. It also ensures that fringsters are constantly connected online with their real-time presence status updated within the fring client and via the pc-based instant messaging services they use.

fring saves users money by utilising Wi-Fi internet access or fixed Internet data plans over 3G or GPRS instead of mobile airtime (GSM) minutes. fring is PC and operator independent, operates on mass market mobile devices and does not require dedicated hardware.

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