iPhone: ‘Keep the silk purse, I’ll take the Donkey’

EirePreneuer isn’t impressed at my iPhone/Nokia rant. Not at all! Have a read of his (I think it’s a he, I couldn’t find a name on the blog). He reckons I’ve thrown all my toys out the pram and I’ve got a persecuted mentality on this subject; fairly accurate, I think.

Link: EirePreneur: You can keep the silk purse, I’ll take the donkey

Apple has basically pulled off that wonderful trick of making a sow’s ear look like a silk purse. While Nokia et al still struggle to present their race horses as anything other than donkeys. But you can keep the pig (with lipstick), I’ll take the donkey.

I agree with some points made by EirePreneur and reader Chris (who commented below on the EirePreneur post).

I think I haven’t made my viewpoint or arguments very eloquently, partly because I deliberately kept the ‘diatribe’ as a stream of consciousness.

A one line summary of my position: I’m pleased Apple are innovating in the mobile industry and I’m disappointed that existing manufacturers haven’t done much more than add small enhancements over the years.

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Thanks for taking my comments on-board Ewan and I hope they didn’t come across as too acerbic but I guess these are the kind of debates that polarize people. Even though I doubt I’ll be getting an iPhone anytime soon I do find your posts very interesting. Keep up the great blogging.

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