My Apple iPhone is sauna-proof!

Here is a picture I took live from the sauna. I have been sat listening to my music whilst I try and rid myself of my cold. I wasn’t sure if anyone would believe me so I snapped a photo – and decided to blog it right away.

I kept the device wrapped in a towel (pictured) to keep it away from the direct heat.

I wonder how an over-heated iPhone would manifest itself? By melting? Or by becoming very slow? The device itself is quite warm – but no more than if it had been on constant use for a while.

Note: I don’t recommend you doing this with your iPhone.

By Ewan

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4 replies on “My Apple iPhone is sauna-proof!”

Chris, I think you’re right; although who the hell knows, eh? It seemed to work ok and it’s still going…

I believe (although don’t claim to have any specialist knowledge in this area) that humidity and condensation are what may be problematic to your iPhone in such an environment.

I may, however, be barking up the wrong tree…. speaking of barking… YOU TOOK YOUR IPHONE INTO THE SAUANA?!?!?!

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