Nokia Music Innovation talk, dang, a missed opportunity

I was hoping to go and talk to selected members of the Nokia Music Innovation team tomorrow… or today. They were very kind to extend an invitation, I was really busy at the tail end of last week so I didn’t manage to arrange it all in time.

I was going to have a super, super time. I wasn’t clear if the audience were responsible for the dismal music system available on Nokia handsets today — or whether they’re working on the next generation. Either way I was rather excited at being able to talk to them.

I was planning on standing up on stage and demonstrating the Nokia N95 music interface vs the Apple iPhone music interface.

Then, provided it was the relevant audience, I was planning on chucking the Nokia N95 across the room at a wall whilst decrying the interface as a heap of shit. A graphic illustration of my opinions. My next intended step was to demand that the person responsible for the Nokia music interface design stand up. Hopefully he/she would be in the room. I was then going to swap to a slide with “WHY?” (200 pixel high text), followed by a ‘state your reasons for existing’ machine gun interrogation.

I then reckoned I would have to honestly ask the person JUST WHAT THEY WERE THINKING when they vomitted the Nokia music system out the door.

I wouldn’t want to ruin anyone’s homework per se, but the sheer difference between Nokia (and the other manufacturers) and the music interface on the iPhone is just breathtaking.

Anyway it looks like I won’t get the chance to talk to them, ergo, I thought I’d blog it.

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  1. Angelica September 18, 2007 at 6:28 am #

    N95 is the coolest device from Nokia in recent times with all-in-one category device and power packed features. Found something similar at

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