Da da da de da.. I’m Wi-fi’ing it

Link: McDonald’s offers free wi-fi Internet service in 1,200 U.K. outlets – MarketWatch

Next time you’re in McDonalds it might not be just the choice of food that’ll save the pounds, following the announcement that they’re planning to roll-out free wi-fi by the end of the year.

The fast food chain has struck a deal with hotspot provider The Cloud to bring free wireless internet access to their 1200 UK outlets by the end of the year. They’ve already got a deal with BT Openzone for paid access, which will continue for the foreseeable future.

3 replies on “Da da da de da.. I’m Wi-fi’ing it”

will probably annoy the folks at BT Openzone seeing as the CLoud network is the same rebranded network they use.

That’s good news. BTOpenzone is rarely accessible there even with the funky stickers in most outlets.

The bad news is I might end up the size of a house.

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